iQuate Provides Corporate Governance Features In Latest Version Of Auditing Software

Dublin, Ireland: Thursday 17th June, 2004.
iQuate, developers of IT auditing and deployment software, today announced the immediate availability of version 4.3 of iQNetScan. iQNetScan is an IT auditing software tool used by SME’s and enterprises to take a complete inventory of their corporate network. iQNetScan, which is installed on a single PC anywhere on the corporate network, provides complete hardware and software inventory of all PC’s across the organization. This version includes specific features that help IT professionals to meet their corporate governance requirements.

Some of the main upgrade features are as follows:
” Improved auditing and discovery speed and functionality
” Increased PC details, which now includes MAC Address and PC serial number
” Personalized software categories
” Improved advanced export options
” Improved searching for and auditing of specific PC’s
” Enhanced email reporting
” Group scanning now included
” Auditing of IP ranges now allowed
” Now and improved interface.

“In just about every one of our discussions with customers around the world, corporate governance comes to the fore as the single most important issue facing organizations today”, said Anthony Quigley, CEO of iQuate. Anthony went on to say: “Each and every one of the new features and improvements in this latest version of iQNetScan has been designed to help IT directors and managers meet their legal corporate governance requirements. In North America, these requirements are being driven by legislation known as Sarbanes-Oxley. The good news is that the effort is paying off. Early adopters of the latest version are delighted with the cost saving associated with their investment and are already offering to help shape the product set going forward”.

About iQNetScan
iQNetScan is an inventory and asset management tool, used to automatically and remotely audit computer networks, providing a complete PC inventory of a computer network. iQNetScan costs as little as $2 per PC. iQNetScan is used to provide a wide range of information required by network managers, such as
” detailed information on the software that exists on all of the PC’s
” a list of all of the PC’s without required software (such as Antivirus) installed
” an up-to-the-minute list of hardware and software configuration changes on the network
” a complete hardware and software inventory at short notice
” a detailed list of all of the IP address on the network
” a list of all versions of all software on the network

About iQuate
iQuate is a software application development company with customers in Ireland, UK, Europe and North America. iQuate’s products are used by organizations to manage their computer networks. iQuate’s products and solutions enable organizations to reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies, support employee productivity, enhance business performance and achieve measurable ROI. iQuate products include iQNetScan (auditing and pc inventory management), iQDeploy (software deployment and management tools), iQFileScan (used to identify specified file types across the entire network) and iQHelpDesk (support desk management solution). Further information and pricing is available at

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