C1 Secure eBusiness Extends its E-Mail Security Solution

Release 2.0 of the C1 SecureMail Gateway features enhanced functionality,highly improved performance and easier system administration

BERLIN/GERMANY; June 24, 2004 – Secure eBusiness GmbH, the German specialist for secure businesscommunication, today released version 2.0 of its core product C1 SecureMailGateway. With this server-based software solution, organizations can protecttheir complete e-mail traffic by means of centralised encryption and electronicsignature.

C1 SecureMail Gateway offers full and seamless interoperability with e-mailclients such as MS Outlook or Lotus Notes. Thus, it is ideal for organizationsthat need to exchange secure e-mail with external business partners such ascustomers, suppliers, vendors, auditors, and legal counsel. Sensitive e-mailswill be protected against unauthorized reading and manipulation.

Also, performance has been improved significantly. Dr. Burkhard Wiegel,founder, managing director and CTO sums up: “We completely redeveloped thegraphical user interface and the software architecture, resulting in a measuredperformance increase by 200 to 300 percent. In addition, we were able tointegrate additional anti spam functionalities into our solution.”

Managing director and director for sales and marketing, Herbert Nebel, pointsout the superior cost effectiveness and usability: “As the C1 SecureMailGateway is already a mature product, we don?t have to join the feature-maniaof other vendors. Rather, we focus our efforts on making our solution evereasier to use and thus attractive for new user groups. Combined with ourpricing model, this makes the C1 SecureMail Gateway very interesting forcompanies of all sizes as well as public authorities. Thanks to ouradministration manuals, implementation and configuration are simple and theongoing administration both easy and cost-effective.”

For more details visit: http://www.c1-sec.com/smgw_2.0.php

About C1 Secure eBusiness:
The IT security specialist from Berlin/Germany develops software and solutionsfor secure electronic business processes and communication. C1 Secure eBusiness(www.c1-sec.com) markets self-developed IT security products by qualifiedbusiness partner (reseller or consultants) and within projects. The core product, C1 SecureMail Gateway, protects the complete e-mail trafficof an organization via server-based encryption and electronic signature. Thecompany offers IT security services like system integration, softwaredevelopment and consulting within its competence areas “Secure eMail”, PKI &SmartCards and Open-Source Security.

About C1 Group:
C1 Group (www.c1-group.com) is a consulting and IT services group that bringstogether the services of independent, specialised companies to form anintegrated full service offering. The group was founded in April 2002 andcurrently employs more than 700 staff in 19 independent affiliated companies.C1 Group has its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany and offices in six Germancities as well as an office in Barcelona, Spain.

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