Panda Antivirus Gatedefender Protects the 6,500 Users at Santa Maria Joint Union High School District

Santa Mar Joint Union High School District, California (USA), has chosen Panda Antivirus GateDefender to protect its users against viruses. This organization is in charge of managing IT in four high schools with a total of over 6,500 students and staff. “We chose this solution, as given the number of users and the nature of the traffic generated, we needed a high performance solution to protect our network,” explains Les Wood of the IT department at District’s Support Services Center.

Due to its volume of traffic (communications are established through six T1 digital lines that allow a data transfer rate of up to 9.24 megabits per second), the institution has incorporated two Panda Antivirus GateDefender 7200 units. “The use of two units of Panda Antivirus GateDefender in load balancing provides great network performance and high availability. It took 20 minutes to install and set up Panda Antivirus GateDefender and we haven’t had to worry about viruses since then,” said Iain Sinclair, systems administrator at District’s Support Services Center.

Panda Antivirus GateDefender is a high-performance antivirus solution that works from the network perimeter or gateway. The integration of hardware and software allows it to offer excellent performance, blocking known and unknown viruses before they enter or leave the enterprise, unlike traditional antivirus solutions that try to neutralize them once they are in. It is capable of scanning up to 7 communications protocols, guaranteeing maximum protection against external attacks.

More information about Panda Antivirus GateDefender is available on Panda Software’s website at:

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