KWIKPAY and ISL BIOMETRICS Align to Provide Strong Authentication with Biometrics for Online Transactions

LONDON- ISL BIOMETRICS upped the ante for strong authentication and identity management today through an OEM deal to provide biometric authentication and verification supporting KWIKPAY’s electronic commerce and identity management.

The initial relationship involves integrating ISL Biometrics’ Global ID into KWIKPAY services for authentication, verification and joint global market expansion.

ISL BIOMETRICS provides middleware technology solutions for government, commercial and consumer based biometric identity initiatives that can efficiently and conveniently serve millions of transactions through the SentriNET Global IDTM Product Suite. Russ Davis, CEO of ISL BIOMETRICS said, “KWIKPAY represents an outstanding opportunity to leverage the need to improve the security of payment transactions and eliminate the potential for identity theft. Their existing transaction volumes and infrastructure provide significant benefits supporting the globalisation of our product offering.

Identity theft is on the rise, costing individuals, retail and government entities hundreds of millions of Euros in losses through fraudulent transactions including- credit, payments, benefits or stolen identities, said Davis.”

Pierre Swart, CEO, KWIKPAY, PLC said “ISL Biometrics SentriNETTM Global ID, enhances the value proposition of our transaction processing solutions delivered via our customer focused, multi-tiered system called KwikFrame. We can now provide significant reductions in transactional risk, making it easy, fast and absolutely secure for people and businesses to buy goods, services or enable applications that require biometric verification of a individual’s identity.

KwikFrame solutions are leading the way for adoption of biometrically based transactional services offering users a comprehensive suite of products capable of accepting debit or credit card purchases, processing bill payments, payroll processing, operating loyalty programs, airline ticketing, solutions facilitating any commercial or individual entity to make or receive payments in addition to providing cross-border biometric identity management support and enabling government programs.”

Davis continued by saying, “SentriNETTM Global ID, gives the enterprise absolute identity management, appears seamless to the user and integrates with legacy applications, web applications, portals and networks as well as, remote and physical access systems. It provides a standard, interoperable way of enabling new biometric based identity solutions in a way that is simple, costs less and improves the users experience.”

“Our customers trust KWIKPAY and it is our corporate responsibility to offer real solutions to prevent identity theft as well as, introduce affordable biometric identity management technology to our corporate and government clientele,” said Swart.

The financial terms of the agreement were not announced.


KWIKPAY PLC is the holding company for several niche corporate entities around the world. The company is focused on electronic commerce and payment services for merchants, card issuers and consumers; making it easy, fast and secure for people and businesses to buy goods and services using virtually any form of payment. We provide diverse payment and settlement solutions for clients around the world, from the Internet merchant requiring Visa or MasterCard transactions on their website, companies needing payroll solutions or payroll cards, and even airline ticketing and payment solutions.

The Company’s business strategy is to expand and enhance its core businesses through globalisation, development of new products and services, strategic partnerships, enhancing its processing platforms in response to Company growth, client requirements, changing technology and expanding e-commerce initiatives.


ISL Biometrics, Ltd. is a market leader in the design and manufacture of open biometric security middleware and software appliqués. SentriNET is a flexible and highly scalable system, designed to work with existing applications, and unlike many other user authentication systems does not require the installation and maintenance of a secondary infrastructure of servers and user databases. In the modern enterprise environment SentriNET widely removes the need for passwords and alternate methods of authentication. Along with an improved user experience, SentriNET delivers significant security improvements and user accountability as well as, a rapid and proven return on investment. ISL Biometrics supplies to both Government and private sector organizations through our worldwide channel partners.

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