Vivendi Universal Games Selects Sigaba For Company-wide e-Messaging Security

San Mateo, CA — July 7, 2004 — Secure Data in Motion, dba Sigaba®, the leading provider of secure messaging solutions, today announced that Vivendi Universal Games (VU Games) selected Sigaba Secure Email to assure the privacy and security of its confidential electronic communications.

VU Games selected Sigaba because it provided an easy-to-deploy solution that complies with corporate security mandates for protected information exchange. The Sigaba solution also enables central administration of security policies, which makes e-mail privacy management and security compliance more seamless. E-mail messages can be sent to VU Games’ business partners without software required on the recipient’s end, and the secure reply capability is built-in.

“We are pleased to be selected by Vivendi Universal Games and other industry leaders that take security seriously,” said Tanya Candia, senior vice president of marketing and chief strategist, Sigaba. “Sigaba has been rigorously tested and certified for the strongest security processes and capabilities, and it always wins hands-down as the easiest system to use.”

Sigaba secure messaging works over wired or wireless networks, enabling seamless security with all major e-mail clients and authentication mechanisms. It is a fast and easy implementation, integrating quickly into the existing security infrastructure. It scales without limit yet remains easily administered and managed. Message content can be quickly audited to prove compliance with privacy requirements. It is cost-effective, enabling enormous productivity and efficiency advantages while protecting against legal ramifications caused by security breach, or loss of customer trust or credibility.

The Sigaba secure messaging platform is based on open and next-generation industry standards, such as federated identity management, assuring investment protection in addition to a rapid ROI.

Secure Data in Motion Inc., dba Sigaba, is the leading provider of secure message management solutions, including e-mail, instant messaging and document delivery, for the enterprise market. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, the company was recently named by SC Magazine and CIO Magazine as the “Company to Watch.” Sigaba Secure Email, Sigaba Secure Statements and Sigaba Secure Instant Messaging are the most flexible, easy-to-use solutions for securing all corporate, financial services, healthcare and government communications over the Internet and wireless networks. The company’s Liberty-enabled and SAML-compliant standards-based solutions support next generation messaging; secure messages can be sent to virtually anyone, anywhere, without requiring users to download special software. Sigaba (sï-g??-ba) takes its name from the SIGABA encryption machine, used by the U.S. during and after World War II. It was the only device of its kind that was never compromised by the enemy. Additional information about Sigaba can be found at or by calling 1-800-475-8226.

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