Excel Bank Minnesota Selects Datakey Axis To Manage User Identities and Secure Application Access

Minneapolis, MN July 19, 2004 Datakey, Inc. (DKEY.OB; www.datakey.com), a leading provider of information security products that simplify and secure authentication to corporate information systems, announced today that Excel Bank Minnesota has selected Datakey Axis to provide secure identity management for its employees when accessing network applications.

We chose Datakey Axis because it actually exceeded our stringent security requirements and at the same time, is easy-to-use and install, said Craig Boivin, chief information officer at Excel Bank in Minneapolis. Axis provides two-factor authentication using a USB token and PIN number. Our employees are no longer burdened with multiple passwords, and the IT department no longer has to reset passwords that have been forgotten. The greatest benefit is that passwords are centrally managed through Datakey Axis and can be changed according to our IT policy, without involving (or bothering) users. Axis allows me to increase user convenience and security while decreasing administration costs.

Excel Bank, as an FDIC insured financial institution, is required to establish and enforce strict security policies that include securely identifying employees accessing bank applications. Users routinely require access to six or seven network applications on a daily basis, making management of secure access using complex passwords a challenge for both employees and IT. Datakey Axis resolves these issues by securing access with simple-to-use two factor authentication. Each users’ complex passwords are consolidated onto one USB token that, along with Axis software and the user’s single token PIN, automates and secures access to all applications. This single sign-on simplifies access for employees and benefits IT as well – Datakey Axis is easy to implement, requires no infrastructure change, and requires minimal user training.

We designed Datakey Axis to meet the security needs of organizations that rely on their network for daily business-critical services, said Tim Russell, CEO of Datakey. We are pleased to help Excel Bank enforce internal network and application security measures while simultaneously increasing user and administrator productivity leading to a demonstrable return on investment (ROI).

About Datakey, Inc.

Datakey Inc. delivers intelligent solutions that strengthen security and simplify user identification. Datakey Axis is a strong authentication and single sign-on solution that locks each user’s digital credentials onto a smart card or USB token. Easy-to-install and maintain, Datakey Axis fortifies security with two-factor authentication and automated enforcement of strong password policies. Smart. Simple. Secure. Datakey. About Excel Bank Minnesota Excel Bank Minnesota is a leading provider of business banking services to entrepreneurs in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Excel has grown rapidly in recent years, with total assets increasing from $100 million in 1996 to over $400 million today. Excel has three banking offices, with locations in Minneapolis and Edina. Excel was founded in 1965 and was formerly known as Americana Bank. www.excelbankmn.com

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