Kavado Announces Migration Path For Users Of Former Sanctum Products

London-July 28, 2004-Kavado Inc., the leader in Web application security solutions, today announced the “Sanctum UnDo” migration program for customers of Sanctum’s AppScan Web application assessment and AppShield application firewall products. This program provides a path to upgrade from Sanctum’s point products to Kavado’s integrated Web application security suite.

Responding to concerns and uncertainty within the IT community regarding the viability of AppScan and AppShield following Sanctum’s acquisition by Watchfire, Kavado is offering a package of products and services to accomplish the transition to the latest generation of Web application security in hours. AppShield customers can trade-up to Kavado’s InterDo Web application firewall-winner of InfoWorld’s “Technology of the Year” for Best Application Security Product-without having to replace their existing infrastructure. Similarly, AppScan Web application scanner customers can trade-up to ScanDo, which won the 2004 Crossroads A-list Award for “delivering business value today.”

A unique feature included in Kavado’s AppShield trade-up offer is a policy migration tool that captures existing security knowledge by converting AppShield policies into InterDo security policies. This provides immediate and accurate real-time security for ongoing protection of Web applications.

“With Web applications delivering unprecedented business flexibility, but also a comparable level of security risk, corporations need to work with market leaders that are focused on their unique challenges,” said Vikram Desai, Kavado’s President and CEO. “This offer falls on the heels of six months of tremendous growth for Kavado: our demonstrated sales momentum in key vertical industries such as financial services, government and pharmaceuticals, combined with a strategic road map for our core product suite, and a new seasoned leadership team, validate Kavado’s commitment to meeting our customers’ security requirements.”

Kavado is offering Sanctum customers aggressive incentive prices, which will vary depending on when they purchased AppShield or AppScan. Kavado is also offering free migration assistance and training during the implementation process. To qualify for this special trade-up offer, please contact Kavado sales representatives at +44 207 397 3450 or +1 212 302 2400 or via email at sales@kavado.com. This offer is only available through September 30, 2004.

About Kavado’s Integrated Web Application Security Suite
Kavado’s ScanDo Web application scanner and InterDo Web application firewall products offer the only solution for creating an integrated security process throughout the development, deployment and maintenance of Web applications. The integrated security suite analyzes whether applications are vulnerable to attack, defines security policies and provides enforcement to protect against internal or external hackers and thieves. This is a critical component of the best practices security strategies necessary for organizations to meet regulatory requirements.

About Kavado, Inc.
Founded in 2000, Kavado is a leading provider of Web application security solutions. The company’s security products are used to protect organizations from hostile manipulation of Web applications and theft of data. Having been chosen by some of the world’s leading financial services firms, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and government institutions, the company’s award winning integrated security suite of scanning and firewall products provides a process-oriented approach to identify and protect from application layer security threats.

Headquartered in New York City, with offices in the United Kingdom, France, Israel and throughout the United States, Kavado is a privately-held corporation funded by Pequot Ventures, 3i, Platinum Neurone Ventures and Banc of America Equity Partners. For additional information, visit http://www.kavado.com or contact the company at +1 212-302-2400.

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