Kaspersky Security for PDA 5.0 Now on Sale

Kaspersky Labs, a leading information security software developer, announces that the commercial version of Kaspersky Security for PDA 5.0 is now on sale. The solution is part of the 5.0 product line.

Kaspersky Security for PDA is a unique combination of technologies developed to protect data saved on PDAs. The product provides comprehensive protection for PDAs running Pocket PC and Palm OS, the most popular operating systems. In addition to this, the program makes it possible for the user to control access to stored data.

The solution is built around Kaspersky Anti-Virus, optimised for PocketPC and Palm OS. Kaspersky Anti-Virus reliably monitors all possible infection vectors, which the scanner checks data storage locations such as main memory and memory extension cards. Effective protection is ensured by automatic updating of the antivirus databases, assuring that data remains safe from even the most recent viruses.

One important function of Kaspersky Security for PDA is the ability to encrypt data, which protects the device from unsanctioned access. Hidden files can be created on the PocketPC, and all information in these files will be encrypted, with access protected by a password. This function is slightly different for Palm OS: the entire device can be locked, with access again via a password. When the device is locked, data will be encrypted, which means that even if the device is stolen, no information cannot be retrieved without the password.

In comparison with preceding version, Kaspersky Security for PDA contains embody a wide range of significant upgrades, which considerably extend program functionality and simplify its use. Most importantly, the program supports the latest operating system versions: PocketPC 2003 and Palm OS 5.0

PocketPC users will note that using Kaspersky Anti-Virus has become simpler due to the implementation of a dedicated module which can download antivirus database updates direct to the PocketPC without any additional equipment being needed. The system by which data is accessed has also been modernized; it is now not only compatible with PocketPC 2003 but program performance and data protection levels have been optimized through the use of new cryptographic algorithms from the Intel library.

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