Wick Hill Launches World’s Smallest Security Appliance

Woking, Surrey: 30th July 2004 – Wick Hill is launching the mGuard portable, miniature security appliance in the UK today. The value added distributor has been appointed by German security specialist Innominate to distribute the solution both in the UK and Germany. mGuard is the world’s smallest security appliance, providing a combination of firewall and VPN (virtual private network) functions with hardware-supported encryption.

The miniature (20x56x95 mm) Innominate mGuard is eminently portable, while still delivering powerful performance. With an integrated USB power connector, it doesn’t require mains connection. It’s ideal for a range of applications such as protecting mobile or visiting users inside the corporate network, securing travelling laptop users, or safeguarding other IP connected devices such as ATMs, POS devices, video conferencing, IP-based industrial machinery, etc. Its versatility makes it suitable for both office and industrial use.

The stealth mode developed by Innominate enables the problem-free integration of mGuard into existing IP structures. This eliminates the time-consuming configuration of IP addresses and routing information. Interoperability with other VPN solutions is guaranteed through support of the IPsec standard, and powerful triple DES or AES integrated hardware encryption is provided with up to 70 Mbit/s VPN throughput.

mGuard can be administered centrally with the Innominate mGuard Configuration Manager. Not only does this enable the problem-free management of several hundred mGuards, but also all security appliances in the same network. Using SNMP, the enterprise version integrates into existing network management systems such as HP Openview. Optional anti-virus scanning will be available shortly.

Ideal for corporates, video conferencing and IP based devices
mGuard is ideal for corporates wanting to secure their laptop users both inside and outside the corporate firewall. The solution’s ease of configuration and minimal administration, combined with the ability to allow remote protection with strong, centralised control, makes it ideal for the decentralised security environment common in corporates today.

It is also ideally suited to protecting IP videoconferencing for corporates, without the performance degradation which often occurs if videoconferencing is protected on the main network firewall. mGuard has applications in many vertical markets such as retail, financial, medical, NHS, government and manufacturing, where it can also protect IP based devices such as POS systems, ATMs, medical instruments, automatic control technology and industrial machinery.

Ian Kilpatrick, chairman Wick Hill Group said: “Portable security with high performance encryption and centralised management is exactly the kind of solution that organisations are crying out for in today’s decentralised computing environment.”

Pricing starts from GBP 279 SRP (supplier’s recommended price). Available through Wick Hill accredited resellers.

About Wick Hill
VAD (value added distributor) Wick Hill specialises in secure infrastructure solutions for e-business. The company’s portfolio covers security, performance, access, services and management. Through associations with a number of international vendors, Wick Hill sources and delivers best-of-breed, easy-to-use solutions through its channel partners, providing customer support, implementation, training and technical services.

About Innominate
Innominate Security Technologies AG is a specialist in security appliances for office and industrial applications. The company, founded in 2001, offers a wide range of security appliances with firewall, VPN and virus protection functions for secure communication via private and open networks. In September 2003, Innominate was awarded the Wolfsburg AG Competence Prize in the category Information Technology for its innovative solutions and its business plan.

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