Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.5 for Novell Netware in Beta Testing

Kaspersky Labs has released a new version of Kaspersky(r) Anti-Virus for Novell Netware for beta-testing. We invite all interested parties to participate in the open testing of our latest product.

Version 5.5 offers new and more powerful administration tools for server protection. Networks administrators will now be able to use a web interface in addition to the standard NetWare module, ConsoleOne for remote administration. The new web interface has a graphical user interface almost identical to the ConsoleOne interface, making it easy for administrators to switch back and forth.

The latest version of our product is based on the same innovative technologies as version 5.0. For instance, the antivirus engine is launched in a protected address area. Thus, no matter how dangerous the malicious code, the server is protected reliably.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Novell Netware is designed to launch and use multiple antivirus engines to reduce system load and improve performance results. This system of distributed load ensures speedy and secure antivirus scanning and monitoring.

Another important new feature is the effective technology for gathering and presenting performance statistics. Administrators can customize the statistics log to filter, sort and combine data in any form that is convenient for them. Statistics are presented in both txt and xml formats enabling administrators to view the output in either text editors or web-browsers.

You are welcome to read more about participating in the beta-testing on our website. The most active participants will receive free copies of the commercial version of the program once it is released in the market.

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