Alcatel To Resell Sygate Solutions To Eliminate Rogue Devices From Corporate Networks

Fremont, CA – August 17, 2004 – Sygate Technologies, the market leader of enterprise endpoint security solutions, today announced a reseller relationship with Alcatel that will allow Alcatel customers to leverage Sygate’s award-winning product Sygate Secure Enterprise (SSE) to ensure that all devices accessing enterprise networks using Alcatel’s OmniSwitch switches are in Continuous Compliance? with corporate security policies. This new solution leverages the 802.1x open standard to deliver real time policy enforcement that ensures the integrity of network endpoints before they connect to the switch infrastructure. It is immediately available through Alcatel and its business partners, and requires no additional upgrades to OmniSwitch customers using Alcatel’s current operating software. This new offering is an addition to Alcatel’s CrystalSec security framework, which Alcatel announced on August 16, 2004 and is available today.

“Alcatel selected Sygate Secure Enterprise as a strategic part of the CrystalSec security framework because of its proven technology, commitment to open standards, and ability to support the complex network security needs of some of the world’s largest companies,” said Tom Burns, senior vice president and general manager of Alcatel’s Enterprise Network Infrastructure Business activity. “Sygate’s success delivering relevant, best of breed security solutions is aligned with Alcatel’s commitment to provide the most innovative, high-value network security solutions to customers and business partners.”

The integration of Sygate software with the Alcatel OmniSwitch enables organizations to tighten control over internal network security by ensuring only trusted devices are granted network access. Leveraging Sygate’s award-winning policy enforcement technology along with the 802.1x open standard, the new solution ensures that devices accessing the network are secured by anti-virus software containing updated virus definitions, a personal firewall, operating system service packs, and patches. Non-compliant devices are blocked access and automatically placed in a quarantined, or guest virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) of the switch where they can be remediated into a trusted state. Once the integrity of the device is restored, it is granted access to the network via the Alcatel OmniSwitch. The complete solution lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) by ensuring all devices are in a fully secure and functional state-all without helpdesk intervention or a switch configuration change.

“We’re very excited about deepening our relationship with Alcatel,” said Ramon Peypoch, director, business development at Sygate. “Our combined solution addresses customers’ requirements for a complete security solution that ensures all endpoints connecting to the network are authenticated and 100 percent compliant with corporate security policies before gaining network access. This is also a major step forward for Sygate — by leveraging the reach of Alcatel’s world-class channels, we anticipate accelerated revenue growth.”

About Sygate Technologies

Sygate is the market leader of endpoint security solutions for the large enterprise. Using Sygate Secure Enterprise, the world’s largest organizations protect their networks, enforce business policies, and automate security practices to regain control of network security, reduce costs, and ensure compliance across the organization. Partnerships with industry leaders, including Alcatel, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Juniper Networks, Aventail, Nortel, Enterasys, Extreme Networks, and iPass, enable Sygate’s technology to operate seamlessly across multiple platforms and applications. Sygate Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Fremont, California. For more information, please visit or call (866) 308-8899.

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