Leading Info Sec Industry Analysts, Journalists, End Users, Collaborate On www.endpointsecurity.org

CHICAGO, Aug. 24, 2004— Leading information security research analysts, journalists and end users have collaborated to launch www.EndpointSecurity.org, the first web-based information portal and moderated discussion mailing list to facilitate dialogue, discussion, idea sharing and perspectives on the red hot endpoint security market.

Endpoint security has emerged as one of the leading categories within the Information Security industry based on escalating threats and increased vulnerability to organizational infrastructure posed by endpoints attempting to access corporate and government networks..

“Resource tools such as EndpointSecurity.org are particularly helpful to the end user community as they provide an effective, non-commercial forum for the free exchange of ideas, trends, opinions and perspectives in a very important niche areas such as endpoint security,” said Rick Rozzell, an enterprise moderator with EndpointSecurity.org and a 14-year IT security and network specialist with a large Midwest power company. “We fully support this initiative and look forward to participating with members of the analyst, media and technical communities.”

Endpoints have traditionally included mobile or remote PCs used to access corporate or government web sites, primarily through laptop computers, but the security concerns which have plagued the road warrior are increasingly affecting all users, whether they are on the road, or logged into the LAN in their corporate headquarters. Accordingly, EndpointSecurity.org is designed to help information security managers, analysts and journalists exchange information, share perspectives, conduct discussions, pose questions and seek solutions to the vulnerabilities and threats posed to all information security endpoints, both on the WAN, and the LAN.

“Information security managers recognize the need to guard against attacks from all angles, and to that extent, endpoint security has emerged as an important area of attention and consideration,” said Pete Lindstrom, research director, Spire Security, Inc., and an EndpointSecurity.org participant. “Providing a forum to discuss endpoint security issues is timely and valuable to information security professionals at-large in determining how to accurately guard against malicious attacks to critical infrastructure.”

EndpointSecurity.org features moderator experts from respected publications, including: CSO and Network Computing; leading analysts from @Stake, Enterprise Management Associates and Security University; and end user perspective from executives at a major Midwestern power company and BMW Financial Services. For a comprehensive listing of all EndpointSecurity.org moderators and experts, visit: http://www.endpointsecurity.org/Moderators/Moderators.htm

About EndpointSecurity.org

EndpointSecurity.org is the industry’s first mailing list and information portal dedicated to the discussion of endpoint security topics. Featuring expert industry analysts, journalists, end users and endpoint security vendors, EndpointSecurity.org is a one-stop portal for exchanging ideas, opinions and perspectives on endpoint security technology, policy, compliance and enforcement. To sign up for the EndpointSecurity.org web site, visit www.EndpointSecurity.org. The endpointsecurity.org listserv and web site are hosted by ENDFORCE.

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