Eracom HSM ProtectServer Orange Integrated with CSF International u/SWITCHWARE

Roseville, CA, August 9, 2004 – Eracom Technologies, a leading developer and global supplier of cryptographic technologies and solutions today announced the integration of Eracom’s ProtectServer Orange HSM with the CSF International (CSFi) u/SWITCHWARE enterprise transaction processing and management system. Eracom and CSFi have entered into a distribution agreement in which CSFi will leverage Eracom’s ProtectServer Orange as part of a complete turn-key solution to their financial customers.

u/SWITCHWARE® adheres to open system concepts and client/server architecture and in typical environments provides in-house ATM and POS terminal support, an interface to a core financial system and connectivity to regional, national or international networks. The transaction processing engine resides on proven and robust UNIX platforms while the user interface resides on Windows client workstations. System data is stored in an ANSI compliant relational database.

“Our close partnership with Eracom Technologies enables CSF International to meet customer security requirements for their ATM/EFT transactions,” said Tony Cappadora, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of CSF International. “We are excited to be working with Eracom Technologies, one of the premier global suppliers of cryptographic solutions. The ProtectServer Orange HSM enables us to better meet the needs of our diverse customer base.”

“Eracom is delighted to complete the ProtectServer Orange integration with CSFi’s u/SWITCHWARE,” responded Dr. Wolfgang Klemm, COO of Eracom Technologies. “We recognize CSFi as a significant player in the payments marketplace and we look forward to continuing to strive to meet not only their security requirements but to also support their product initiatives.”

ProtectServer Orange is an advanced, certified and affordable HSM that meets the most stringent of security requirements. ProtectServer Orange can be utilized in a variety of applications including PKI, Electronic Funds Transfer, Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) networks, smart card issuing and management, branch network security, Certification Authorities (CA), Registration Authorities (RA), E-Commerce Systems and many other applications requiring secure communications, archival, or authentication.

ProtectServer Orange supports VISA, MasterCard, and American Express requirements including card validation, PIN verification and cryptographic key management functions. Key capabilities of ProtectServer Orange include 3DES, RSA cryptographic processing, digital signature generation and verification, secure key loading, EMV and Diebold/NCR Remote Key Distribution.

About CSF International

CSF International (CSFi) is a global provider of ATM/EFT transaction processing and management software providing leading edge solutions to the financial marketplace for over two decades. Headquarters are located in Sarasota, Florida with a CSFi Pacific office in Australia and an Americas Sales office in New York. A worldwide network of authorized resellers and business affiliates has enabled CSFi to grow a diverse customer base of community banks, credit unions, national banks, holding companies and service bureaus that extends into over twenty countries and all continents. For more information about CSF International, visit our web site at

About Eracom Technologies

Celebrating 25 years (1979-2004) of excellence in cryptography, Eracom Technologies is a leading developer and global supplier of cryptographic hardware and software products. As a true pioneer in the IT security industry, Eracom offers proven cryptographic security solutions to a wide range of industries including banking, finance, government and technology sectors. In the last two decades alone, Eracom has successfully developed and deployed several generations of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to the market as well as a range of advanced cryptographic APIs and privacy of information products.

Eracom provides 24×7 worldwide customer support with guaranteed response times as well as access to free updates and documentation via the Eracom Website. Eracom is represented by a worldwide network of wholly owned subsidiaries and distribution channels with offices in 11 countries.

Eracom is proud to have served and supported the ever increasing and most stringent IT security needs with its Electronic Transaction Security and Privacy of Information portfolios. Together with its worldwide partners, Eracom is here to protect the future. For more information about Eracom Technologies, visit our web site at

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