Cloudmark Anti-Spam Community Crests 1 Million Members; Ships SpamNet 3.0

San Francisco – September 14, 2004 – CloudmarkTM Inc., the company that delivers the immune system for email, today announced that New York City resident, Nicholas Calderazzo is the 1 millionth member of the company’s SpamNet SpamFighting organization, which is now the undisputed largest real-time, peer-to-peer community of spam-killers in the world.

The company also announced that a new version of its award-winning spam-blocking solution, SpamNet, is now available.

To celebrate 1 million members in its SpamFighting community Cloudmark will be flying Calderazzo to San Francisco, where he will meet with fellow community members and attend a Giants baseball game with Cloudmark executives.

“It’s a great feeling to be part of the world’s largest SpamFighting community and helping put an end to spam once and for all”, said Calderazzo. “SpamNet is so easy to install and use that I was able to start contributing instantly – helping block unwanted spam and fraud messages for every member of the worldwide community right away.”

Cloudmark SpamNet technology, coupled with Cloudmark’s SpamFighting community that operates in 72 countries, has earned high praise from leading technology experts. PC World recognized SpamNet as the “2004 Best Spam Filter” and “Best Buy” in 2004 category rankings. In addition, SpamNet was awarded “Editor’s Choice” and was the only spam-blocking solution to receive “Five Stars for Accuracy” in PC Magazine’s 2004 awards.

“The recognition from PC World and PC Magazine verify Cloudmark’s position as a leader in the anti-spam market,” said Karl Jacob, Cloudmark’s CEO. “We are committed to building on these accomplishments and will continue to improve the leading technology to end e-mail spam and fraud.”

SpamNet Version 3.0 features improved accuracy and anti-fraud capabilities

Cloudmark today also announced the immediate availability of SpamNet 3.0. Enhancements in the new release include:

* Improved accuracy levels to more than 98 percent, while producing almost zero false positives

* A new anti-fraud component, responsible for blocking more than 1 million fraudulent messages, also known as “phishing”

* Improved visibility of the SpamNet Block/Unblock toolbar

* Cloudmark Rating for Newsletters, which automatically verifies legitimate communications such as newsletters and mailing lists

About SpamNet

SpamNet’s success is attributable to a combination of superior technology and the largest SpamFighting community in the world, with more than a million users in 72 countries collaborating in real-time to stop spam. Available for both Outlook? and Outlook Express?, SpamNet automatically prevents between 95-100 percent of spam from reaching a user’s inbox. If a rare spam message does slip through to a user’s inbox, they simply click the Block button to replace the message back into the inbox, and immediately notify the entire SpamNet community This automatically stops spam messages from being sent to other members of the SpamNet community. Similarly, if a user thinks a certain message is not spam, they can click the Unblock button and share that intelligence with the network, thereby reducing false positives.

To establish trust and reputation for each user in the network, SpamNet uses its Truth Evaluation System (TeS). An individual user’s trust rating is sent alongside every message submitted by SpamNet community members, eliminating flawed submissions and gaming of the system. Because a group of trusted users has to vote a message as spam for it to end up in the Spam Folder, SpamNet is able to achieve its benchmark, zero false positive rate. This real-time automated approach is also the reason that SpamNet instantly protects its community from internet-based viruses.

About Cloudmark, Inc.

Cloudmark(tm) is the company that delivers the immune system for email. The company offers tailored anti-spam solutions for the desktop, small and medium businesses (SMBs) and the large enterprise providing immediate spam relief to thousands of businesses and more than a million desktops in 72 countries.

Cloudmark invented the highly effective spamDNA technology, the recent innovation of Email Genetic Mapping(tm) coupled with Cloudmark’s revolutionary nDimensional technology and the first peer-to-peer, real-time, SpamFighting community in 1998.

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