Leading File Encryption Solution ProtectFile 3.2.1 Now Available with AES and Integration into RSA Products

Krefeld, Germany, September 16, 2004 – Eracom Technologies, a leading developer and global supplier of cryptographic technologies and solutions, today announced the release of version 3.2.1 of leading file encryption solution ProtectFile. Eracom releases ProtectFile 3.2.1 with support for the AES encryption algorithm and integration with RSA Keon PKI and RSA Passage smart cards and USB tokens. ProtectFile 3.2.1 also showcases improved usability, manageability and documentation and allows customers to deploy Eracom’s file/folder encryption solution for local and remote data in even more diverse environments.

“With the new release of ProtectFile customers can integrate our product easily in RSA infrastructures thereby extending our PKI interoperability with even more vendors. Together with our ongoing pursuit of integrations into a multitude of third-party token, smart card, PKI and directory products, this release further addresses customer’s needs to deploy file/folder encryption in complex infrastructures” commented Ansgar Dodt, COO EMEA of Eracom Technologies. “With AES added to IDEA and 3DES as encryption algorithms, Eracom is set to extend its market leadership in file/folder encryption beyond Europe to U.S. and Asia/Pacific markets.”

The AES algorithm is supported with 128, 192 and 256 bit keys to reflect varying customer needs. Integration with RSA entails interoperability with the Keon PKI and/or the Passage token for strong authentication. For enhanced deployment in PKIs with multiple certificates available for a single user, the selection and management of user certificates has been revised significantly.

To further support the usability of ProtectFile, mechanisms have been added to automatically protect data in “identical” and “shared” folders. “Identical” folders are local folders that are created transparently on each computer a ProtectFile user logs on to, thereby removing the need to individually designate these folders as protected. “Shared” folders, e.g. “C:\temp”, are shareable amongst all ProtectFile users of a computer; each individual user’s temporary files are encrypted with their own automatic encryption key thus removing the overhead of managing separate keys for a shared folder. This increases the overall security of a ProtectFile secured system by enhancing transparency of encryption and extending this protection mechanism to the temporary files frequently created by an operating system and applications.

The manageability of ProtectFile is further extended by additional policy settings to control access to operations on protected folders through the ProtectFile GUI including adding, removing and registering them. Users and administrators also benefit from a revised HTML context help and improved user guidance in the Management Console user manual.

Consequently, parameters to configure ProtectFile according to an institution’s needs can be set centrally and distributed across the enterprise during or after installation.

About Eracom

Celebrating 25 years (1979-2004) of excellence in cryptography, Eracom Technologies is a leading developer and global supplier of cryptographic hardware and software products. As a true pioneer in the IT security industry, Eracom offers proven cryptographic security solutions to a wide range of industries including banking, finance, government and technology sectors. In the last two decades alone, Eracom has successfully developed and deployed several generations of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to the market as well as a range of advanced cryptographic APIs and privacy of information products.

Eracom provides 24×7 worldwide customer support with guaranteed response times as well as access to free updates and documentation via the Eracom Website. Eracom is represented by a worldwide network of wholly owned subsidiaries and distribution channels with offices in 11 countries.

Eracom is proud to have served and supported the ever increasing and most stringent IT security needs with its Electronic Transaction Security and Privacy of Information portfolios. Together with its worldwide partners, Eracom is here to protect the future. www.eracom-tech.com

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