StealthWatch Management Console by Lancope Receives Excellent Rating

ATLANTA, Ga., September 14, 2004 – Lancope, Inc., the leading provider of Network Behavior Anomaly Detection (NBAD) solutions to ensure network integrity, today announced the success of StealthWatch Management Consoleâ„? (SMC) 4.1 in a product review by eWeek magazine. The SMC achieved an “Excellent” rating for Security and Capabilities. In particular, SMC 4.1 was recognized for its “ability to manage sensors, policies, alerts and reports,” which is “a key differentiator in the hotly contested anomaly detection market.” Cameron Sturdevant, eWEEK Labs Technical Director, conducted the review, which appeared in the August 23, 2004, issue of eWEEK.

According to Sturdevant, “Behavior anomaly can be among the first signs of a virus outbreak or a DoS (denial-of-service) attack, and the SMC can save IT security managers’ time in identifying these problems.” He added, “We were impressed with the extent and accuracy of the SMC’s reports of anomalous behavior in our network, and we could use the reports to determine quickly when likely security problems were occurring.”

Sturdevant applauded SMC’s ease-of-use. “We found that Lancope’s SMC made creating and distributing policies a painless task.” During the review, “the SMC appliance worked without a hitch and should perform well in large-scale deployments.”

Sturdevant concluded, “The SMC appliance, and the simultaneous release of its StealthWatch 4.1 system software, makes [Lancope’s] network behavior anomaly detection tools far easier to manage than previous StealthWatch versions.” Additionally Sturdevant found the 4.1 upgrade to StealthWatch particularly beneficial to network and security administrators. “New in this version of the software is a three-dimensional StatusView that clearly shows the security posture and the health of a network in real time—something earlier versions of the software could not do.”

“eWeek confirms the StealthWatch system’s ability to shrink the timeframe for gaining a thorough understanding of what is happening on the network as compared to what should be happening,” said Harland LaVigne, chairman, president and CEO of Lancope. “Armed with this insight, customers can cost-effectively reduce the number of incidents through early discovery and remediation of network risks as well as rapidly identify and resolve incidents that just can’t be prevented. eWeek recognizes what is driving our rapidly expanding customer base, which includes Global 2000, government and higher education organizations, to rely on StealthWatch to defend their critical IT assets and maximize network availability.”

For the complete review, please visit,1759,1637317,00.asp or purchase the August 23, 2004 issue of eWeek magazine.

About StealthWatch System
The StealthWatch System, comprised of the StealthWatch appliance and the StealthWatch Management Console, is the leading Network Behavior Anomaly Detection (NBAD) system that defends internal networks against zero-day attacks, internal misuse, and unnecessary network exposures. Expanding beyond the capabilities of traditional network security products, StealthWatch collects, categorizes and analyzes network traffic to create comprehensive security intelligence at both network and host levels. Providing a cost-effective, single point of reference for optimizing security and network operations, StealthWatch enables organizations to improve the network health and security posture of their networks.

About Lancope
Founded in 2000, Lancope is the leading provider of next-generation network integrity solutions that deliver behavior-based threat defense, policy enforcement and insightful network intelligence. With integrated visibility across network security, traffic characteristics and host-level activity, Lancope’s StealthWatch solutions provide unparalleled network protection and optimization. Both OPSEC and Common Criteria certified, StealthWatch has received numerous accolades. Most recently StealthWatch received a 5-star rating for technology excellence from CRN Magazine and was named a finalist in Network Computing Magazine’s 2004 Well Connected Awards for outstanding performance in Network Behavior Anomaly Detection. In addition, StealthWatch has received the Innovation In Infrastructure Award from eWeek and PC Magazine and was honored “Most Impressive” by eWeek. Defending the networks of Global 2000 organizations, academic institutions and government entities, Lancope protects the critical assets of today’s sophisticated enterprises. For more information, visit

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