Innominate Launches Innominate mGuard PCI

Berlin, September 20, 2004 ” Berlin-based security specialist Innominate is proud to announce the release of a PCI version of its successful Innominate mGuard security appliance. The Innominate mGuard PCI card features firewall, VPN, and optional anti-virus functions for protecting desktop PCs and networked servers. These security features can be integrated into any computer system with a PCI bus, regardless of which operating system is used.

The hardware was specially developed by Innominate and is based on the latest Intel XScale technology, guaranteeing highest performance and unique integration options. The new PCI version of the Innominate mGuard offers exceptionally high encryption performance and has two external Ethernet interfaces. The Innominate mGuard PCI will make its debut at the Systems 2004 from October 18 ” 22 in Hall B2, Booth 614, at the booth of Innominate”s distribution partner TLK Kommunikationssysteme GmbH.

The Innominate mGuard PCI is easily integrated into existing networks, and its “power over PCI” mode makes driver installation unnecessary. Used in combination with the patented stealth mode, it not only enables driverless operation but also allows the mGuard to be integrated into network structures completely transparently. The stealth mode technology is great for protecting individual devices or subnetworks and makes it possible to build a VPN tunnel that is transparent to the device it is protecting. It also gives the PCI card a sort of invisibility cloak that makes it virtually impossible for potential attackers to get at the device.

The Innominate mGuard can be operated in two different modes. In the first, the PCI bus serves exclusively as the power supply and the mGuard functions as a fully transparent network bridge, making it possible to deploy the mGuard with almost any operating system. In the second mode, the PCI bus serves as a security router, with the mGuard taking on security and network functions. Since the card has two Ethernet interfaces, it can be operated in a variety of network configurations to satisfy even the highest security requirements. For example, a DMZ (demilitarized zone) can be created with just one Innominate mGuard PCI card.

With its new mGuard PCI, Innominate is expanding its product range to include a security product that offers all the advantages of Innominate”s tried and tested external miniature security appliance in an appliance that can actually be built into the system.

“The new Innominate mGuard PCI has some crucial advantages over comparable products from our competitors. Encryption performance is up to ten times better. And with not just one but two external Ethernet interfaces, our new product can be easily integrated, even without Windows, or used in scenarios with high security requirements,” explains Olaf Siemens, COO of Innominate Security Technologies AG.

The Innominate mGuard PCI card will be available starting in December 2004, at suggested retail prices between “299 and “399 (plus value-added tax) for the “professional,” “enterprise,” and “enterprise XL” versions.

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