Apani Networks Announces the Contivity Multi-OS VPN Client v3.1 for Secure Connection to Nortel Networks Contivity Secure IP Services Gateways

Brea, California – September 22, 2004 – Apani Networks, a leading provider of in-depth security solutions for enterprise and small-to-medium business (SMB) networks, announced today the release of the Apani Networks Contivity Multi-OS VPN Client v3.1 for secure connection to Nortel Networks Contivity Secure IP Services Gateways. The Contivity Multi-OS VPN client v3.1 adds HP-UX 11.x and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES/256) for all supported operating systems for the highest level of secure data transmission to efficiently conduct business around the globe.

The Apani Networks Contivity Multi-OS VPN Client is tightly coupled with the Contivity gateway to enable user-level authentication, virtual IP address assignment, NAT traversal and remote policy update and administration. The VPN client provides for granular control of access policies and denial or termination of client connections.

The Contivity Multi-OS VPN Client enables System Administrators to set-up installation using pre-configured files for configuring of address and security parameters. A customizable client appearance will enable IT administrators to provide user name and password authentication screens for database authentication (LDAP) or Radius Authentication for user IDs. Use of Digital Certificates and RSA SecureID is also supported.

“”With more than 27% of the workforce telecommuting at least one day per week, protecting end-point data communications is a critical element in the overall strategy to secure the expanding perimeter.” said Shuichi Ishiguro, CEO of Apani Networks. “Telecommuting can have a positive impact on productivity but only if it is in a secure environment that does not create unacceptable risks to corporate resources.”

The Apani Networks Contivity Multi-OS VPN Client is immediately available from Apani Networks at http://www.apani.com. The List price is $95 USD per client and includes a one year maintenance agreement. Volume pricing is available.


Apani Networks is a leader in Enterprise and SMB IT network security, shielding the network from attacks and providing in-depth protection for critical network data. Established in 2003, Apani Networks delivers encryption-based security solutions with centrally managed authentication, access and administration to assist System Administrators in defending communications across the Internet, the extended perimeter, within the core and from wired or wireless networks.

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