“Net Abuse” Crackdown In The NHS As Workers Bid To Kill Time

10 staff have been suspended and an investigation launched after the surfing habits of staff was creating high traffic levels on the hospital’s network.

Reported by the BBC, IT staff at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire detected large volumes of traffic to sites such as home shopping and holidays.

Staff are permitted personal use of the internet, but in their own time and for limited periods. According to the BBC news story, the IT department will perform a 3 week investigation.

Rob Hale, Security Consultant at UK Internet filtering experts Netdata Plus commented “3-weeks is a long time to wait for a report! An organisation must make sure its reporting that is up to the job. Having a reporting solution that produces what you want in a few minutes saves you time, money and embarrassment.”

Netdata’s Enterprise Reporting solutions recently allowed one of the UK’s largest utilities to track down the source of a computer virus from a 10,000 users in just a few minutes.

Recent research showed that workers are using the internet for personal use at work more than ever before. With ebay being the most popular distraction – 4 in 10 workers bidding to kill time at work & spending over almost half their day surfing non-business sites. (Up from 2 hours a day in 2003) (Source: Peninsula)

About Netdata Plus:
Netdata Plus are the UK’s leading experts in controlling internet at work. Providing fast, secure and effective appliance-based filtering to reduce legal and technical risks and increase staff productivity.

Netdata’s solutions are used by some of the largest companies in the world, as well as local, national and international government agencies and departments.

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