Norman Adds Spyware Protection To Its Extensive Portfolio

Award-winning antivirus vendor Norman, together with anti-spyware leader Lavasoft, introduces Norman Ad-Aware SE Plus and Professional respectively for single users and organizations. These new programs from Norman are made available to protect computers against undesired programs installing themselves while connected to the Internet.

Spyware is an increasing problem for Internet users and estimations reflect that over 90 per cent of PCs are infected by spyware of some description. This may include programs monitoring the user’s Internet habits that can, in turn, make so-called pop-ups appear on the screen. Spyware can also be malicious, designed to relay what the user is writing on his keyboard, or to remain in the computer for a certain time and then destroy files or programs.

Norman Ad-aware offers real-time protection against unwanted software. The system follows the user’s Internet surfing and monitors the incoming flow of information. The solution establishes a protective layer around the computer and searches continuously for intruders trying to break into the system.

In addition, Norman Ad-aware also offers a number of options for the user to define his own security level and the properties of the security system.

Spyware is becoming an increasing security problem for all users and particularly to businesses and other organizations. Through unsolicited access to the computers from the Internet companies not only face unwanted advertisements but also reduced system performance, pilfering of computer capacity, sabotage as well as theft of propriety information that could be extremely valuable to say a competitor.

Norman’s partner in this area is the Swedish company Lavasoft, the world’s leading supplier of anti-spyware solutions. The partnership with Lavasoft is part of Norman’s strategy to focus on its core technology, antivirus, but at the same time develop partnerships in other important security areas to offer maximum protection to its customers. Through this strategy, Norman is at the same time both a specialized antivirus company and a broad supplier of security solutions against virus, spam and spyware.

Norman launches today two products;

Norman Ad-Aware SE Plus Edition – designed to be used by single users offering real-time protection while surfing on the Internet.
Norman Ad-Aware SE Professional Edition for Networks – designed for the corporate market, giving the highest protection available against spyware and adware in today’s market.

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