Symantec System Recovery Solutions To Support Microsoft Data Protection Server

Storage Expo, Olympia, 14 October 2004 – Symantec, the global leader in information security, has pledged to support the recently announced Microsoft Data Protection Server (DPS) with Symantec LiveState Recovery products to maximise system and data availability and minimise downtime for customers. The Symantec LiveState Recovery family of products provides bare metal recovery of Microsoft Data Protection Server and the servers it backs up. The combination of the Symantec LiveState Recovery family of products and the Microsoft DPS is intended to give enterprises and small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) continuous disk-based backup and recovery for the protection of business systems and data.

Microsoft Data Protection Server, currently in private beta, is scheduled to be generally available in the second half of 2005. Microsoft DPS is designed to provide businesses of all sizes with rapid and reliable recovery and continuous and efficient protection for business data for Windows customers. Recently shipped Symantec LiveState Recovery Advanced Server 3.0, Symantec LiveState Recovery Standard Server 3.0 and Symantec LiveState Recovery Desktop 3.0 provide fast, reliable and cost-effective system recovery.

“The combination of Symantec’s LiveState Recovery solutions with DPS will protect critical data and ensure rapid recovery of complete systems with minimal impact on the organisation,” said Jim Herbert, general manager, Windows Server Division at Microsoft Corp. “Together, these solutions will significantly reduce recovery times and eliminate the back-up window.”

Along with planned support for DPS, Symantec LiveState Recovery products capture a point-in-time operating state, or LiveState, of an entire server or desktop, which includes the operating system, applications, data, and settings into one easy-to-manage file. These point-in-time snapshots are created hot without interrupting user productivity or application usage. Users can perform a full system restoration, a complete bare metal recovery or retrieve individual files or folders in minutes avoiding the hours it usually takes to manually rebuild servers and workstations and restore data from conventional backup.

“The announcement of Microsoft DPS provides further validation for the data and system protection market,” said Don Kleinschnitz, vice president of product delivery, enterprise administration, Symantec Corporation. “With Symantec’s LiveState Recovery support for Microsoft DPS, we have responded to business customers’ increasing demands for comprehensive data and system protection. Symantec LiveState Recovery together with DPS is designed to change the paradigm of systems and data recovery, by providing new levels of reliability and availability for customers wanting a front line of defence in their backup and recovery strategy.”

Symantec LiveState Recovery Advanced Server and Symantec LiveState Recovery Standard Server provide complete server system and data restoration in a matter of minutes or hours. Symantec LiveState Recovery Desktop is also planned to complement Microsoft DPS by providing small businesses and enterprise customers with fast and reliable system restoration and data backup capabilities for their workstations and laptops. For additional Symantec product information, visit

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