A Prospectus Of SSH Communication Security Corp Has Been Published

SSH Communications Security Corp (hereinafter referred to as “SSH” or as “the Company”) and Applied Computing Research (ACR) Oy (hereinafter referred to as “ACR”) have resolved to merge. According to this merger, ACR (the company being acquired) shall merge to SSH (the acquiring company).

With the implementation of the mentioned merger, the shareholders of ACR Mr. Tatu Yl?¶nen and Mr. Tero Kivinen shall receive 16,942,487 new shares of SSH as the consideration of the merger.

The implementation of the merger and an increase of the share capital based on the merger shall be registered to the Trade Register on October 31, 2004.

SSH shall apply for that the shares issued as the consideration would be introduced to public trading on the main list of Helsinki Exchanges from November 1, 2004. The new shares shall belong to the same class of shares as the existing shares.

In connection with the above mentioned applying procedure, SSH has today published a prospectus. This prospectus is available in HEXGate (the address: Fabianinkatu 14, 00300 Helsinki) and in the head office of the Company (the address: Fredrikinkatu 42, 00100 Helsinki). The prospectus can also be found from the web-sites of the Company (http://www.ssh.com)..

It is recommended that the persons who are interested in the Company, its business and its shares would familiarize themselves with the prospectus in its entirety.

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