Sana Security Launches Suite of Innate Defense Modules for Personal Computers

SAN MATEO, Calif. – October 25, 2004 – Sana Security, Inc. a leader in intrusion prevention software (IPS), today unveiled its new Attack Shield product family, delivering zero administration intrusion prevention targeted at specific, high risk attack classes. Attack Shield Worm Suppression (WS), the first of the Attack Shield products, provides customers built-in protection for Microsoft Windows core services at the operating system (OS) level from code injection exploits*, the largest risk class of internet attacks, without any end-user administration or maintenance. Attack Shield WS is available through two main channels: embedded at the OS level by the world’s top device manufacturers and delivered as a self-installing add-on for existing machines from Sana Security’s established resellers, leading e-tailers and systems partners.

“The window to download-test-patch has disappeared and core assets should not be left to rules and signature based solutions that require frequent updates and modifications. It is critical that Internet-connected PCs are protected from PC network worms, the largest class of attacks,” said Matthew Kovar, vice president, security solutions & services, business & IT services, The Yankee Group. “Leveraging an IPS solution complements antivirus efforts and protects against known and unknown exploits like worms. It is an essential and painless element for maintaining PC and network health, especially at a minor investment of under $10 USD per machine. I expect vast acceleration of this technology in the next 6 months.”

Attack Shield WS is the only IPS client suitable for mass deployment at the Windows OS because it does not require rules or signature updates. Following a one-time installation that requires no ongoing management, Attack Shield WS ensures a more simple, secure end-user computing experience despite the increasing frequency and sophistication of internet-based threats, particularly network worms, enabling businesses to improve PC and network health, business continuity, employee productivity and operational cost. More than 30 small business, government, and enterprise customers have already deployed Attack Shield WS for instant protection from known and unknown code injection threats including several purchase orders to protect more than 5,000 PCs.

“Home design, planning and construction requires integration and communication between various vendors where data integrity is critical,” said David Grounds, president and CEO, Dorn Homes, Inc. “We recently moved all of our applications online, everything from sales contracts to constructions schedules. All of our employees require access to our online applications whether they are working from the office, at a customer site or in the field, and we would put our business at risk by not deploying a product like Attack Shield WS.”

The introduction of Attack Shield WS significantly expands the company’s security portfolio to include protection for client computing, including desktops, notebooks, and embedded systems, leveraging core technology components that Primary Response customers rely on today to protect hosts. Primary Response is the industry’s only anomaly-based solution designed to scale across enterprises that require continuous uptime and business continuity for dynamic, network connected servers without a dependence on rules and signature -based architectures.

“This new approach to security, offering freedom from static signatures and constant updates, allows us to greatly increase the inherent security and reliability of our PCs with Attack Shield’s built-in protection,” said Nicholas Stango, owner, DataServ Tech Services located in Brielle, New Jersey. “Finally, we have an answer to our customers’ demand for effective protection against the zero-day worms that antivirus products don’t catch. As a “set and forget’ product that lists for less than $10 per PC, this is exactly the type of proactive solution and added value that our customers expect from DataServ.”

Attack Shield WS tracks the normal interactions of applications and operating systems, and specifically, the operation of Windows core services. As a result, the abnormal behavior, including code injection, required by a known or unknown attack such as a network worm, is identified and prevented. Additionally with protection focused on core services, Attack Shield WS does not hamper run-time programs such as Java applications. And as a software-only solution, it provides a uniform solution for both the new and installed PCs in heterogeneous business environments.

“Today’s product announcement is a milestone for Sana Security and the industry overall. Code injection prevention at the OS forces a shift in how traditional end point security products like anti-virus are used to protect critical information resources,” said John Zicker, CEO, Sana Security. “Unlike traditional rules and signature-based solutions built on static architectures, which are constantly outdated, and require continual update and management, Attack Shield WS reduces IT overhead with its ability to instantly self-protect PCs, without any administration or maintenance, against the most serious threats targeted at the OS today.”

Availability and Pricing
Attack Shield WS is now available and can be purchased for less than $10/unit through a range of OEM and reseller partners. For a complete list of resellers, visit the Sana Security website or call 1-866-900-SANA. To purchase online, visit:

About Sana Security
Sana Security develops a complete product suite of intrusion prevention software that requires no static rules or signatures to deliver the best protection from known and unknown attacks with the lowest, most predictable operating costs.

Sana Security’s Primary Response and Attack Shield brand products improve security and business continuity for large enterprises and government organizations on servers, personal computers, and industrial systems, while driving the emerging standards for simple, secure computing in an Internet-connected world. Sana Security is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif. (Silicon Valley), with offices in global business and technology centers. For more information, visit or contact the company by phone at 650-292-7100

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