“Degunking Your Email, Spam, and Viruses” to Help Readers Clean Up and Secure Their Email

Scottsdale AZ–Paraglyph Press announces the publication of the third book in the bestselling Degunking Series, “Degunking Your Email, Spam, and Viruses” (U.S. $24.99, 352 pp, ISBN 1-932111-93-X), authored by well-known security expert and technology pundit Jeff Duntemann. The book shows readers–at all levels of computer proficiency, from novice to expert–how to clean up and organize their email, safeguard their systems against security threats of all types, and reduce or eliminate spam. The book covers the latest email-based scams and schemes (such as phishing and “drive-by” installs), security technologies (such as virus and worm protection, firewalls, and removal of adware and spyware), and common-sense organization techniques for everyone.

Some of the topics covered in this important, highly-readable book include:

-Using the right email program for you
-Developing good email habits
-Cleaning and organizing your mailbase
-How to avoid becoming a spam magnet
-How to use spam filters
-Protecting yourself against viruses, Trojan horses, and worms
-Avoiding adware, spyware, pop-ups, and browser bugaboos
-Using firewalls and antivirus software
-How to recognize Internet hoaxes, Nigerian “419” scams, and phishing schemes
-Cleaning up after a malware attack

Author Jeff Duntemann says: “If everyone just followed our simple 12-step program to organize and clean up their email, we’d all be more productive and we’d have much more free time. ‘Degunking Your Email, Spam, and Viruses’ will help readers reduce their aggravation levels with email– which I think is at an all-time high. There’s simply no sense in wasting more time than you have to with spam, security threats, and a poorly-organized email system.”

Keith Weiskamp, President and Publisher of Paraglyph, says: “Everyone we know has serious spam and security problems with their email and problems due to viruses and worms. Jeff’s approach in this book is right on target for everyone who needs help. We’re also already seeing strong interest in ‘Degunking Your Email, Spam, and Viruses’ from book reviewers and all the major bookstores and online retailers, so we’re expecting this book to be widely reviewed and promoted. Just as ‘Degunking Windows’ and ‘Degunking Your Mac’ hit a chord with users, we expect Jeff’s book to become this year’s favorite Christmas gift!”

Critical Praise for the Degunking Series
Reviewers in national publications and readers worldwide have quickly embraced the concept of “degunking” their computers, which was introduced in the bestseller “Degunking Windows” in January 2004. The hallmarks of all Degunking books are: a 1-page “quick degunking” sheet, a unique 12-step degunking program, “spare moment” degunking ideas, and special degunking projects called “Gunkbusters’ Notebooks.”

Here’s what reviewers are saying about the Degunking series:

“[‘Degunking Windows’ is] a great new book that explains why computers lose their vigor over time. It offers easy-to-follow instructions for cleaning out your hard drive, tweaking programs, eliminating spyware, sorting e-mail and updating your system.”
–Parade Magazine

“The cheapest infusion of power to a Windows XP computer can now be had for a mere $24.99. It’s not a faster processor or more memory but a well-done book titled ‘Degunking’ Windows.”
–Miami Herald

“The advice [in ‘Degunking Windows’] is … elegantly presented with superb hand-holding from coauthors Joli Bellew and Jeff Duntemann.”
–Chicago Tribune

“I once wrote a four-part series in InfoWorld about correcting what I called ‘Windows arthritis.’ This is the lethargy that seems to overtake the operating system … Now Joli Ballew and Jeff Duntemann have compiled an entire book on the subject, and it’s a good one.”
–Brian Livingston, briansbuzz.com

“This modestly-priced book really can help you get a lot more out of your Mac for a better computing experience, and there is nothing else quite like it in the Macintosh book canon.”

“You can take [the degunking process] at your own clip (I put in about 20 minutes a day for a while), and soon the improvements to performance will begin to be noticeable.”

“Only one word is needed to summarize [‘Degunking Windows’]: terrific! The authors display an awesome knowledge of Windows XP and its workings, and tell us how to use them to good advantage. The information provided in the book is comprehensive and detailed, yet highly readable.”
–IBM PC User’s Group (AZ)

“Degunking Windows,” “Degunking Your Mac,” and “Degunking Email, Spam, and Viruses” are available at all retail and on-line booksellers in the United States and worldwide.

About Paraglyph Press
Paraglyph Press was founded in May 2002 by highly successful publishing entrepreneurs Keith Weiskamp and Jeff Duntemann, along with publishing executives Steven Sayre and Cynthia Caldwell. Paraglyph publishes books for computer users and professionals on such topics as web design, game programming and development, and wireless and emerging technologies. Some of its best-selling titles are “Degunking Windows,” “Degunking Your Mac,” “Camera Phone Obsession,” “Game Coding Complete,” “Jeff Duntemann’s Wi-Fi Guide, 2nd Edition,” and “Looking Good in Print, 5th Edition.” For more information, visit our web site at www.paraglyphpress.com.

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Chapter 1. Why Is Your Computer Suffering from Email and Virus Gunk?
Chapter 2. Creating Your Email Degunking Strategy
Chapter 3. Using the Right Email Client
Chapter 4. Developing Good Email Habits
Chapter 5. Read and Degunk Your Email from Anywhere
Chapter 6. Cleaning and Organizing Your Mailbase Chapter 7. Avoid Becoming a Spam Magnet!
Chapter 8. Understand the Spam Filtering Conundrum
Chapter 9. Deep-Clean Your Spam Using Bayesian Spam Filtering
Chapter 10. Avoid Spam Control Methods That Don’t Work
Chapter 11. Protect Yourself Against Viruses, Trojans, and Worms
Chapter 12. Defeat Those Viruses
Chapter 13. Avoid Adware, Spyware, and Browser Bugaboos
Chapter 14. Use Firewalls to Stop Those Worms
Chapter 15. Degunk Nigerian Rhapsodies, Hoaxes, and Other Smelly Phish
Chapter 16. Degunking After a Malware Attack

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