Syngress Publishing Announces the Release of “Wireless Hacking: Projects for Wi-Fi Enthusiasts”

Rockland, MA – Syngress Publishing, Inc., today announced the publication of “Wireless Hacking: Projects for Wi-Fi Enthusiasts,” (ISBN: 1-931836-37-X) a book written by members of the pioneering SoCalFreeNet Wireless Users Group.

Amorette Pedersen, Vice President, Syngress Publishing, said, “A few years ago, wireless internet access was just a glint in the eyes of the IT industry. Today, most notebook PCs ship with built-in Wi-Fi capability, and Wi-Fi access points have become as important as the espresso machines at the neighborhood Starbucks. “Wireless Hacking” provides a low-cost/high-yield blueprint for wireless enthusiasts, households, small businesses and communities. After reading this book, you will be able to build, deploy, and maintain a ‘homebrew’ Wi-Fi network.”

Hacks include:

-Install Linux and FreeBSD on low-cost Soekris single-board computers.
-Modify the firmware of your Linksys WRT54g.
-Construct Solar Powered Access Points and Repeaters for your Wi-Fi network.
-WarDrive for wireless access points with tools like Kismet and NetStumbler.
-Install an antenna without killing yourself or changing the earth’s orbit.

According to Lee Barken, President and Co-Founder of, “‘Wireless Hacking’ is a step-by-step guide to building, deploying, and maintaining community wireless networks. Using the projects in this book, you will be able to launch an 802.11 (Wi-Fi) network in your community, coffee shop, or other public space.”

Chapter topics include: Introduction to Wireless Hacking, Wireless Background, Building Large Scale Community Wireless Networks, Securing Our Wireless Community, Hardware Projects, 802.11, Access Points, 802.11 Client Cards, Software Projects, Wireless Operating Systems, Monitoring the Network, Low-Cost Commercial Options, Mesh Networks, Antennas and Outdoor Enclosure Projects, Antennas, Building Outdoor Enclosures and Antenna Masts, and Solar Powered Access Points and Repeaters.

ISBN: 1-931836-37-X
PRICE: $39.95 U.S.

Lee Barken, CISSP, CCNA, MCP, CPA, is the co-director of the Strategic Technologies And Research (STAR) Center at San Diego State University (SDSU) and the President and co-founder of, a non-profit community group dedicated to building public wireless networks. Prior to SDSU, he worked as an IT consultant and network security specialist for Ernst & Young’s Information Technology Risk Management (ITRM) practice and KPMG’s Risk and Advisory Services (RAS) practice. Lee is the technical editor for “Mobile Business Advisor Magazine,” and writes and speaks on the topic of wireless LAN technology and security. He is the author of “How Secure Is Your Wireless Network? Safeguarding Your Wi-Fi LAN” (ISBN: 0131402064) and co-author of “Hardware Hacking: Have Fun While Voiding Your Warranty” (ISBN: 1932266836).

Eric Bermel is an RF Engineer and Deployment Specialist. He has many years of experience working for companies such as Graviton, Western US, Breezecom, Alvarion, and PCSI. Eric has extensive experience developing and implementing RF site surveys, installation and optimization plans for indoor and outdoor ISM and U-NII band systems.

John Eder, CISSP, CCNA, is a security expert with Experian. He currently provides strategic and technical consulting on security policy and implementation. His specialties involve: risk profiling, wireless security, network security, encryption technologies, metrics development and deployment, and risk analysis. John’s background includes a position as a consultant in the Systems and Technology Services (STS) practice at Ernst & Young, LLP. John holds a bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University. He actively participates in the security community, making presentations and writing numerous articles on wireless security. John is a proud member of SoCalFreeNet.

Matthew Fanady is a gear-head turned networking and computer enthusiast, and has been wrenching on cars and building computers since he was 16 years old. He is currently employed designing and constructing electric vehicles for a small startup company in San Diego, and spends his free time troubleshooting computers and exploring new ways to incorporate the latest communications technologies into everyday life. Matthew was one of the early pioneers of community wireless networks. In 2002, he began building a grass-roots community wireless network in his own neighborhood of Ocean Beach, where he was able to bring his passion for hacking together with his passion for wrenching. His efforts, along with those of others in San Diego, led to the inception of SoCalFreeNet which continues to build community-based wireless networks in San Diego.

Alan Koebrick is the Vice President of Operations for He is also a Business Systems Analyst with a large telecommunications company in San Diego. Alan has a bachelor’s degree in E-Business from the University of Phoenix. Prior to his current job, Alan spent 4 years with the United States Marine Corps where he performed tasks as a Network Administrator and Legal Administrative Clerk. Alan is also launching a new venture, North County Systems, a technology integrator for the small office/home office market.

Michael Mee started building his own computers after discovering the TRS-80 at Radio Shack years ago. He went on to work for a software startup, before dot-coms made it fashionable. Then he had several great years at Microsoft, back when “the evil empire” meant IBM. There he worked on database products like Access and Foxpro for Windows. Returning to his hacking roots, he’s now helping build high-speed community wireless for users everywhere, especially through

Marc Palumbo (Society of Mechanical Engineers #4094314) is the Creative Director of He is an Artist/Engineer and the owner of Apogee Arts, headquartered in San Diego, California. His company builds Community Networks, provisions Internet access for business and residential use, and designs and executes LANS purposed for specific vertical markets such as graphics, video editing, publishing, and FDA-regulated manufacturing. He has built secure wireless surveillance systems deployed in Baghdad, Iraq, and for Homeland Security. Noteworthy Wireless triage installations include the city of Telluride, Colorado, and Black Rock Desert, Nevada for Burning Man. Marc holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland, received a National Endowment for the Arts stipend, and was a Fellow at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies, MIT. He began building his first computers in 1978 as part of his voice-activated pyrotechnic interactive sculpture, “Clytemnestra.” The work won a once-in-20-year honor for the Boston Arts Festival in 1985. He built his first RF device to light high voltage neon works of art.

Marc also helped deliver the first paint package for the PC, Splash! with Spinnaker Software and LCS Telegraphics. He created the first digital images for the PC, and his digital imagery has been published in Smithsonian Magazine (Volume 11, Number 9, Dec. 1980, pp. 128ï?‚·??€œ137) and MacWorld Magazine (October 1988, pp. 96 through April 1989). One of the first artists to use lasers for art, he has created large-scale images in the sky, mountains, and in the urban landscape. He has worked for and appeared on national television, including “Race for the High Ground”, Frontline News with Jessica Savitch (S.D.I. Demo of Star Wars Defense System, laser destroying satellite, W.G.B.H., Boston, MA, April 1983). He has also worked on production and on-air talent crews for Discover Magazine’s TV show with James (Amazing) Randi, “A Skeptic’s Guide” March 1999.

Rob Flickenger has been hacking systems all of his life, and has been doing so professionally for over ten years. He is one of the inventors of NoCat, and is also an active member of Rob has written and edited a number of books for O’Reilly Media, Inc., including “Wireless Hacks” and “Building Wireless Community Networks.” He is currently a partner at Metrix Communication LLC in Seattle, WA.

Syngress Publishing (, headquartered in Rockland, Massachusetts, is an independent publisher of print and electronic reference materials for Information Technology professionals seeking skill enhancement and career advancement. Distributed throughout Europe, Asia, and the U.S. and Canada, Syngress titles have been translated into twenty languages. The company’s pioneering customer support program,, extends the value of every Syngress title with regular information updates and customer-driven author forums. For more information on Syngress products, contact Amy Pedersen at 781-681-5151 or email Syngress books are distributed in the United States and Canada by O’Reilly Media, Inc.

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