PeerSec Networks Announces No-Compromise VoIP Security Solution

Bellevue, Washington, October 26th, 2004 – PeerSec Networks Inc., a leading provider of embedded Internet security software announces no-compromise VoIP security solution based on their popular MatrixSSL security product. The MatrixSSL Transport Layer Security (TLS) stack provides the security features required in VoIP solutions with minimal resource usage and maximum security.

“VoIP is an enormous emerging market. As with most new technologies, initial implementations struggle to provide the level of security customers demand. MatrixSSL provides manufacturers with a huge head start securing their VoIP solutions by reducing risk and providing a faster time-to-market”, PeerSec CEO J Harper explains. “MatrixSSL’s strong security and low footprint fit all current VoIP phone platforms making the transition to a trusted network possible with no additional hardware investment.”

Newly deployed VoIP networks are vulnerable to the same attacks that currently plague PCs on the Internet. Viruses, man in the middle attacks, denial of service, and IP spoofing are all issues that need to be resolved when creating a modern VoIP solution. Each of these attacks can be prevented through the user authentication, network authentication, secure provisioning, and secure management implemented in MatrixSSL as defined by the TLS standard.

Strong security is a must-have in VoIP today and VoIP providers need to create solutions as feature-rich as possible to maintain their competitive advantage. MatrixSSL’s intelligent design and low resource usage allows them to provide the strongest security available without compromising features or functionality.


MatrixSSL supplies the authentication required for both secure H.323 signaling and secure SIP, ensuring calls are billed correctly and preventing IP/MAC spoofing on the client and server. MatrixSSL provides an integral part of the PEAP, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS and EAP-FAST network authentication mechanisms that allow both wired and Wi-Fi devices to be authenticated on a network through a RADIUS server. MatrixSSL also provides industry standard authentication for STUN protocol NAT and firewall traversal and enables secure phone provisioning and management over HTTPS, ensuring devices are configured by a trusted source.

A free source code evaluation version of MatrixSSL is available for immediate download from:


PeerSec Networks Inc. was founded in 2002 to provide security solutions for the next generation of networked devices. PeerSec Networks provides the critical security needed in millions of new Internet connected devices entering the marketplace. Each new online device must be secure, interoperable, and manageable. PeerSec Networks solutions allow customers to provide the strongest security available to their products without compromising functionality. PeerSec software is currently deployed in PIN terminals, VoIP and cellular phones, WiFi devices, wireless printers, networking equipment, and trusted computing platforms.

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