Introducing Cloudmark SafetyBar: The World’s Most Celebrated Desktop Anti-Spam Solution Now Gives Phishing the Hook

SAN FRANCISCO – November 3, 2004 – Cloudmark(tm) Inc., the company that delivers the immune system for email, today announced the availability of Cloudmark SafetyBar(tm) 4.0, the easy-to-use, most award winning anti-spam and anti-fraud solution for Microsoft Outlook? and Outlook Express?. SafetyBar, backed by the first and largest community of spam and fraud fighters, protects more than one million users in 72 countries from spam, fraud and all email threats before harm is done. To free your Inbox from spam and fraud, download a free SafetyBar trial at: The SafetyBar trial is designed to block spam free for 30 days and will continue to provide free fraud protection indefinitely.

Forrester, an independent technology research group, estimates that phishing, a technique whereby a perpetrator sends out legitimate-looking emails appearing to come from well-known banks, online retailers and credit card companies in an effort to obtain personal and financial information from the recipient, is becoming an increasingly popular mechanism for committing fraud and identity theft. The result of these scams is that consumers suffer credit card fraud, identity theft and financial loss. According to Forrester, identity theft crimes have grown nearly sevenfold in the past three years, costing U.S. businesses and consumers a total of more than $50 billion per year.

“As financial institutions and service providers work to find a solution to fraud and identity theft, protecting individual users is imperative,” said Teney Takahashi, Market Analyst with the Radicati Group. “We’re glad to see that Cloudmark is turning its effective anti-spam solutions against the dangerous threats of fraud and identify theft, thereby protecting end users before it reaches their Inbox.”

Cloudmark SafetyBar, formerly SpamNet, stands alone as the world’s most award-winning desktop solution, by scoring the highest accuracy rate in PC Magazine’s last four reviews, while registering consecutive zero false positives in the magazine’s last two reviews. SafetyBar remains undefeated as the best spam protection this year having consistently garnered top accuracy to win PC World’s Best Buy, PC World 2004 World Class Award for Best Spam Filter, PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice and PC Magazine’s 5 Stars for accuracy among other industry awards.

“Cloudmark is committed to maintaining the best solution in the industry which means protecting our users from all email born threats before they attack,” said Karl Jacob, CEO for Cloudmark. “We’ve done this all along with great success, but the new SafetyBar adds increased protection, empowering users to fight back against fraud too.”

“Cloudmark provides a truly comprehensive email security solution – stopping all harmful email messages, not just spam,” said Paul Kowal, President of Kowal Associates. “It feels great to be a part of the Cloudmark community, making a difference against the frighteningly dangerous problems of fraud and the other email threats that plague the Internet.”

About SafetyBar 4.0
Cloudmark SafetyBar automatically prevents over 98 percent of unwanted spam and fraudulent email from reaching a user’s Inbox. The service now offers improved fraud protection and a Block Fraud button enabling people to fight back against malicious phishing attacks and stop fraud in the same way they have been working together for over six years to stop unwanted email. If a rare spam or fraud message does slip through to a user’s Inbox, a user simply clicks the ‘Block’ button to remove the message from the Inbox, and immediately stops the threat for the entire community. Similarly, if a user thinks a certain message is not spam, or fraud, they can click the ‘Unblock’ button and share that intelligence with the network.

To establish trust and reputation for each user in the network, SafetyBar uses its Trust Evaluation System (TeS). An individual user’s trust rating is sent alongside every message submitted by Cloudmark community members, eliminating flawed submissions and gaming of the system. Because a group of trusted users has to vote a message as spam or fraud for it to end up in the Unwanted Folder, SafetyBar is able to achieve its benchmark, zero false positive rate. This real-time automated approach is also the reason that SafetyBar instantly protects its community from internet-based viruses and email born threats altogether.

Cloudmark SafetyBar is available today for both Outlook? and Outlook Express?, and will also be available in additional product platform versions later this year.

About Cloudmark, Inc.

Cloudmark(tm) is the company that delivers the immune system for email. The company offers tailored anti-spam and anti-fraud solutions for the individual user, small and medium businesses (SMBs) large enterprises and service providers providing immediate relief to thousands of businesses and more than a million individuals in 72 countries.

Cloudmark invented the highly effective spamDNA technology, the recent innovation of Email Genetic Mapping(tm) coupled with Cloudmark’s revolutionary nDimensional technology and the first peer-to-peer, real-time, SpamFighting community in 1998. CTO Jordan Ritter, also co-founder of Napster, and Vipul Ved Prakash, chief scientist and author of Vipul’s Razor founded Cloudmark.

For more information about Cloudmark, visit the company’s web site at:

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