Apani ‘s In-depth Network Security System Protects Data-in-Motion

Brea, California – November 3, 2004 – Apani Networks, a leading provider of in-depth security solutions for enterprise and small-to-medium business, announced today their In-depth Network Security (INS) System for safeguarding data traveling inside the network or via remote access points. The INS System uses network encryption and centralized management for authentication, access, and administration, so that businesses can seamlessly employ point-to-point security and shield critical data transmission from attacks.

Network security is an imperative for any business today. For some, it is an issue of intellectual property protection, for others, privacy laws are mandated and regulated by the government. Compliance to regulations like HIPAA, European Data Protection and Sarbanes-Oxley are key business drivers. The Apani Networks INS system ensures data integrity and privacy with strong, industry-proven Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protocol. The INS System centralized management feature provides an efficient means of updating security policies across the network. As policies are changed to reflect new business rules, updates are made automatically.

“The methods used to attack corporate networks are increasingly sophisticated,” said Chris Chen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Apani Networks. “The Apani INS System controls access to every IP point within the network, effectively securing all communications between those points. Protecting intellectual property and customer information as it moves from point-to-point is ultimately the most important security concern for any business.”

The INS System uses a Universal Software Agent to enforce network layer protection right at the point of packet creation, thus ensuring security rules are executed according to the administrator-defined security policy. The Universal Software Agent works with UNIX, Windows and Linux host computers enabling system administrators to deploy the INS System over heterogeneous networks. For legacy computers or other IP devices (printers as an example) the INS System Universal Hardware Agent can be deployed as a bump-in-the-wire providing the same level of protection as the software agent.

The INS System uses an Administrator Console for an enterprise-wide view of the entire network deployment, managing the security relationships between all network endpoints. The Administrator Console consists of an intuitive GUI and interfaces to the database store to define security policies. System administrators will use the Console to create and edit security policies including access rights for each agent or groups of agents. The console interoperates with popular databases to scale the INS System to meet growing business needs. An Administrative Server is used to provide communications to each agent from the data store, provide certificates for host authentication and automated agent provisioning.

The INS System also meets enterprise network uptime requirements for typical data center applications with automated data store fail-over capability. The intelligent agents can continue communications between other agents if there are any interruptions to the data store.

The Apani Networks INS System will be generally available in 1Q 2005 and is currently in trials.

Apani Networks is a leader in network security, providing in-depth protection for IT networks’ data-in-motion. Apani Networks security solutions enable IT professionals to address the increasing risk created by vanishing perimeters and heterogeneous networks. Using network encryption and centralized management for authentication, access and administration, businesses can seamlessly employ point-to-point security to shield critical data transmission from attacks.

Established in 2003, Apani Networks is a privately held company with headquarters located in Brea, California. Additional information is available at www.apani.com or 714.792.1875.

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