Panda Software Launches Its New Security Solutions For Home Users, Small Businesses And Professionals

Software is launching the new security solutions Titanium Antivirus 2005, Platinum Internet Security 2005 and TruPrevent Personal 2005. These have been designed to meet the needs of home users, small businesses and professionals for protection against all kinds of Internet threats, including unknown viruses and intruders.

As Internet threats begin to spread faster and faster, users and antivirus companies also need to react with increasing swiftness to prevent epidemics. Worms like Sasser, Mydoom, Blaster or SQLSlammer succeeded in infecting thousands of computers in just a few minutes, demonstrating how new attacks can propagate faster than any human reaction to the problem. The problem is aggravated by an increasing tendency of malicious code to exploit other techniques such as security flaws, buffer overflows, etc. To solve this problem, security systems need to be able to preempt the problem and detect and block threats before they enter or leave the computer.

Panda Software has been working for several years in this direction and the result of this development effort are the new and revolutionary TruPrevent Technologies, represent a radical change of approach to combating Internet threats, as the traditional concept of reacting once a virus has emerged is replaced with intelligent technologies for preventing the attack before it strikes, pre-empting the problem. This means they can block new generation viruses such as Sasser or Mydoom that infected thousands of computers extremely rapidly.

TruPrevent Technologies go way beyond the capabilities of traditional antivirus heuristic scanning. This technique can detect some new viruses by applying simple comparative rules to the static code of the scanned files. TruPrevent Technologies however, analyze the behavior of processes or programs as they run. This means that detection is not based on signs of infection, but on the correlation of a series of actions carried out by the process as soon as it starts running in memory. This provides greater reliability, as well as the capacity for the technologies to take decisions automatically. So once a process has been classified as dangerous to the integrity of the system, TruPrevent Technologies can, for example, prevent the process from communicating with the outside or stop it from running, therefore preventing the virus from spreading.

TruPrevent Technologies represent a landmark for the antivirus market. The powerful protection against viruses and intruders offered by Panda Software’s products is now enhanced by the capacity to neutralize attacks from unknown viruses and intruders, thanks to the incorporation of TruPrevent, the intelligent preventive protection technologies. The end result is simply greater security for all users.

According to Pedro Bustamante, Chief Marketing Officer at Panda Software: “TruPrevent Technologies are a genuine answer to the need for greater security against new Internet threats that are too fast spreading for a human response to be effective. This has been demonstrated with the new and dangerous Bagle.BC and Mydoom.N worms which were blocked by TruPrevent Technologies before they could take any malicious action. These technologies hail a new era for IT security.”

Titanium Antivirus 2005 and Platinum Internet Security 2005 use the most advanced technologies to protect computers against all kinds of Internet threats. They also include the new TruPrevent Technologies. TruPrevent Personal 2005 is a solution designed for users with any manufacturers’, other than Panda Software, antivirus products installed who want a second line of defense like that provided by the TruPrevent Technologies, making it the essential complement to any antivirus protection.

Platinum Internet Security 2005

Based on the most advanced technologies, Platinum Internet Security 2005 protects the Internet connections of small businesses and professionals against viruses, worms, Trojans, hackers, spyware, spam and dialers and thanks to TruPrevent Technologies, it can also detect unknown viruses and intruders.

Platinum Internet Security 2005 automatically scans inbound and outbound email, file downloads and web pages visited. Its Ultrafast scan engine exhaustively scans information with a minimal drain on system resources. This is complemented by SmartClean2 technology to repair the damage inflicted by virus attacks.

Thanks to its latest generation personal firewall, Platinum Internet Security 2005 keeps out hackers and the malicious programs they use, turning computers into a fortress against all IT threats.

Platinum Internet Security 2005 protects user privacy with its anti-spyware technology, blocking programs that snoop on users’ Internet habits in order to target them with spam or even steal confidential data. What’s more, it neutralizes dialers, programs which redirect modem connections to premium rate toll numbers without the user’s permission. In addition, its effective anti-spam system will automatically block incoming junk mail, and its web content filter stops users from accessing inappropriate or time-wasting content online.

Titanium Antivirus 2005

Titanium Antivirus 2005 offers the highest levels of protection against Internet threats without straying from its “install and forget” philosophy. The new Titanium Antivirus 2005 not only automatically eliminates all types of viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, dialers, hacking tools, and jokes, but also blocks unknown viruses and intruders thanks to TruPrevent Technologies. What’s more, its innovative firewall technology allows the new Titanium Antivirus 2005 to automatically block hacker attacks.

Titanium Antivirus 2005 protects inbound and outbound email, file downloads and web pages visited without the user noticing its presence, and like Platinum Internet Security 2005, it includes the Ultrafast engine, offering exceptional performance and SmartClean2 technology to repair the damage inflicted by malicious code.

TruPrevent Personal 2005

TruPrevent Personal 2005 is aimed at all users with antivirus products developed by any company other than Panda Software, as it is compatible with the most widely used products on the market. For this reason, users don’t need to change their antivirus to benefit from TruPrevent Technologies.

TruPrevent Personal 2005 protects computers transparently with minimal use of system resources. To keep the up-to-date with the latest intrusion technologies and increase its efficiency, TruPrevent Personal 2005 automatically updates its engine when the computer connects to the Internet, without requiring user intervention.

Titanium Antivirus 2005, Platinum Internet Security 2005 and TruPrevent Personal 2005 update at least once a day, so they are always ready to face new threats. This process is completed automatically while users are connected to the Internet.

Panda Software’s new products include 24h-365d Tech Support via e-mail and web, as well as 24h SOS Virus to analyze suspicious programs.

TruPrevent Technologies in the new range of Panda Software products

The combination of traditional security systems and antivirus protection with the new TruPrevent Technologies has created a new benchmark in levels of security against the constant increase in Internet threats, including unknown viruses and intruders. Just like a good detective, the TruPrevent Technologies incorporated in the new products analyze suspicious behavior in programs and automatically block them intelligently with no need for human intervention and without having to ask users any questions.

Titanium Antivirus 2005, Platinum Internet Security 2005 and TruPrevent Personal 2005 include the following TruPrevent Technologies:

– Behavior-based virus detection. Detection and blocking of unknown worms and Trojans on the basis of analyzing the behavior of processes executed on the computer. This involves monitoring any processes that are launched, and blocking them if they are dangerous. This technology makes it possible to stop infections like those caused by malware such as Bugbear, Nimda, Klez, SirCam, or LoveLetter, even if these have not previously been identified.

– Malicious network packet detector. This technology is able to detect and block packets with malicious content whenever they attempt to enter or leave a network computer. It also protects services against attempts to exploit vulnerabilities, acting as a complement to other technologies. This would have prevented epidemics such as those caused by SQLSlammer, Code Red or Sasser.

– Buffer overflow protection. These vulnerabilities are now common in many applications and they are one of the most widely-used ways of launching attacks against IT systems. Such attacks are based on over-running part of the memory used by the application with more data than it can hold. So once attackers know the quantity of data needed to overflow the buffer, they overrun the memory with executable code containing the attack code. TruPrevent Technologies protect against this kind of vulnerability.

– Definition of security policies. These are applied to the programs running on the computer and block access to certain resources.

Prices and availability

Titanium Antivirus 2005 and Platinum Internet Security 2005 are sold in DVD box format with six months’ services for € 29.95 and € 49.95, and in standard box format with one year’s services for €49.95 € and €79.95 -respectively-.

Platinum Internet Security 2005 and Titanium Antivirus 2005 are also available in license ranges with one year’s services for € 39.95 and € 55.95, respectively. Both solutions are also available on Panda Software’s Online Store at

TruPrevent Personal 2005 can also be purchased online, at, for €29.95 with one years’ services.

About Panda Software

Panda Software is one of the world’s leading developers of IT security solutions, with offices in more than 50 countries. It is an established pacesetter for the sector in innovation and expansion and is unequalled in terms of satisfying customers’ needs for the most advanced technologies, products and services to keep IT resources free from viruses and other threats at the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership. The company’s unique TruPrevent Technologies, the most intelligent technologies to combat unknown viruses and intruders, offer unrivalled preventive protection for all types of clients: from the largest corporations through small and medium-sized companies to home users.

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