Visionael Adds Industry’s Most Powerful Portal Customization and Reporting Automation to Vulnerability Management Solution

PALO ALTO, Calif., November 8, 2004 — Visionael Corp., a leading provider of security and network management solutions, today announced that Visionael Enterprise Security ProtectorTM (ESP) 3.0, the newest version of the company’s full-lifecycle vulnerability management solution, is available immediately and brings to market the most customizable user interface and most advanced reporting capabilities available in any vulnerability management solution today.

These usability breakthroughs, in addition to further hardening of the solution’s vulnerability assessment, remediation and validation functionality, represent important advances in the fast-emerging vulnerability management market. Visionael ESP 3.0 advances Visionael’s vision that a product must fit the customer rather than the customer fitting the product.

The 3.0 version introduces the Visionael ESP My Portal, an industry-leading dashboard that enables all users within an organization to create their own synopsis screens. This allows them to manage vulnerabilities with a focus on their specific job functions, the types of systems they work with within the overall enterprise network, the types of reports they run, and the types of threats with which they work most closely. The only solution of its kind that can be individualized to this level, Visionael ESP My Portal ensures that vulnerability management can be deployed and used by different IT groups within an organization.

Visionael ESP Report Writer allows enterprises to quickly create any type of report they need using a wizard, as well as to select from a range of templates that help them report on network activity and security status such as new vulnerabilities and application-based exposures.

“Today’s security solutions are about getting pro-active security work done quickly and completely, and enabling rapid response when the expected state of security changes,” said Dan Keldsen, Senior Analyst and CTO at the Delphi Group. “Security should touch all aspects of an organization, especially as ownership of the bits of infrastructure cross IT divisions and business units. The ability to unify security conversations and capabilities within a portal environment and in a vocabulary that spans job functions beyond security groups is a key to making security align with organizational priorities, rather than inhibiting reasonable business needs in the name of security. People, Processes, and Systems need to be integrated into security thinking or we will always be fighting fires rather than doing ‘useful work’ in a proactive sense.”

“Visionael ESP 3.0 brings exciting new usability features to an already-robust vulnerability management solution,” said Scott Lindquist, CEO of Securitylinq Technology, which includes Visionael in its technology portfolio for security conscious companies. “The MyPortal functionality provides enterprises and service providers with important productivity gains as IT managers with diverse responsibilities can customize and optimize the user interface to meet their specific needs. The unlimited range of reports helps IT and management fully understand exposure to risk and how they can further fortify their networks.”

When Visionael announced its ESP product in May, it represented the first security management software to fully integrate vulnerability assessment, remediation and validation in one single-source solution. Visionael’s proactive security management speeds assessment and removal of the latest critical network vulnerabilities to protect large enterprises, government agencies, and healthcare institutions from internal and external threats before they damage assets and compromise sensitive and proprietary data.

“In today’s world of zero-day threats and other costly security breaches, full-lifecycle vulnerability management allows enterprises to proactively protect the enterprise as well as respond to the latest security threats faster than ever before,” said Craig Nichols, president and chief executive officer at Visionael. “With a product roadmap that demonstrates leadership in the security and networking spaces, as well as technology and usability advances that incorporate customer feedback, Visionael is positioned to become the leader in a market that is gaining traction as an essential enterprise security technology.”

Organizations use Visionael ESP as a business and technical enabler to understand their current risk exposure and bolster their security posture. Device discovery, vulnerability assessment, report generation, vulnerability remediation, vulnerability validation and ticket resolution processes all play a critical role in managing vulnerabilities and protecting assets. Visionael ESP proactively fixes security vulnerabilities with the highest business impact high risk vulnerabilities on critical business systems and manages, mitigates and automates the entire vulnerability management process thus eliminating exposures before damage is caused. Automation and integration of time- and data-intensive processes across the enterprise improves IT staff productivity and lowers overhead costs.

Visionael ESP is currently available through Visionael’s network of authorized resellers and VARs or by calling Visionael directly at (650) 470-8920. Potential customers interested in downloading and evaluating Visionael ESP may visit to experience the value of next-generation vulnerability management.

About Visionael

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Visionael enables IT professionals to more effectively manage and secure their networks. Visionael solutions empower large enterprises, government agencies, outsourcers and service providers to discover, document, design, provision and secure mission-critical networks. Visionael has an extensive worldwide customer base, including Sprint, HBO, Verizon, Siemens, EDS, Time Inc, IBM Global Services, Kaiser Permanente, Fidelity Investments, The Pentagon, and The White House Communications Agency. Visionael is backed by Vantage Point Venture Partners, Charter Ventures, Fidelity Investments, GE Equity, Cloquet Capital Partners, and Caisse depot. For more information about Visionael, please visit or call (650) 470-8920.

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