Anonymizer Launches New Enterprise Division and Products

San Diego, Calif. – November 9, 2004 – Anonymizer today announced a new Enterprise Division and unveiled its two flagship products—Anonymizer Enterprise Chameleon networked appliance and the Anonymizer Intelligence Chameleon service. Both solutions ensure secure and private Internet information access, data integrity, and protected communications using methods unique to Anonymizer technology.

“The Internet is a major source for research and competitive intelligence and our Chameleon platform is truly the only proactive IP address privacy and security solution for Enterprises on the market.” said John Roshala, vice president of Sales. “Today, organizations are increasingly discovering that when they go online their IP address exposes their organization to countless privacy and security breaches. The opposite of Anonymity is Exposure. A few years ago, nobody really worried about privacy on the Internet. Now with all the threats that prey online, we want organizations to be able to use the Internet to access the data they need while maintaining privacy and anonymity. Anonymizer’s new offerings achieve this for enterprises.”

Anonymizer Enterprise Chameleon is a plug-and-play network level appliance for an entire organization, select employees or groups. It masks a company’s IP address by providing a connection between the Enterprise’s network and Anonymizer’s Secure network utilizing VPN (virtual private network), technology which enables traffic randomization with approx. 2 Million Anonymizer users Domestic and International. Enterprise Chameleon is an enterprise class solution that supports high service levels, utilizing a dedicated, high-capacity network backbone for reliability, performance and redundancy.

Enterprise Chameleon is designed to support numerous enterprise activities, including:

– Legal or intellectual property research
– Trademark and brand protection
– Corporate intelligence, R&D
– Financial research, M&A
– Competitive or market research
– Anti-fraud, criminal investigations

Anonymizer Intelligence Chameleon is offered as a service, enabling enterprises to engage in Internet research, competitive intelligence gathering using automated web harvesting or Unstructured Data Management (UDM) tools. The product circumvents tactics such as Web site blocking, “spoofing,” and traffic analysis, and prevents IP address tracing, hacking or spamming. UDM, a $9 billion industry, enables companies to harness today’s vast amount of information by automating the process of acquiring, organizing, classifying and acting on the business-critical, unstructured information that is usually found in documents, presentations and Web pages.

“A common scenario for an enterprise has already emerged, where they will start with the Enterprise Chameleon to provide Internet protection for analysts and employees and then add-on the Intelligence Chameleon to provide the anonymity needed to access blocked sites and get accurate information. The solutions have rapidly gained traction with numerous Fortune 1000 companies, financial and legal institutions, Web analytic companies, portals and marketing organizations,” said Roshala.

CSCI: Anonymizer Enterprise Customer & Reseller

Anonymizer also today announced CSCI as one of its first enterprise customers and resellers of the Anonymizer Intelligent Chameleon and Enterprise Chameleon solutions. CSCI, founded in 1985, is a privately held systems integration company specializing in security, LAN/WAN connectivity, networking and consulting services.

“Before these Anonymizer products became available to us, we weren’t able to prevent Web-based information from being compromised,” said Rich Tear, CEO, CSCI. “Anonymizer will be a must-have solution for UDM and covert access to Web-based information for intelligence gathering. The company’s products are trusted and of the caliber, engineered to our clients’ applications. We’re excited to be working with Anonymizer for UDM and privacy solutions that only they can offer.”

About Anonymizer
Anonymizer is the leading provider of Internet privacy and security solutions for consumers, corporations, organizations and government agencies. The company provides safe and secure Web experiences to over one million global Internet users. Its Web site is home to the world’s most popular Internet privacy service, “Anonymizer 2004,” which defends users from the most prevalent Internet privacy and security threats, from online tracking to malicious code, identity theft and email spammers. Anonymizer privacy solutions have been used to protect over four billion Web pages since the company’s inception in 1996. Anonymizer is privately held and headquartered in San Diego, California. (

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