Doomsday DDoS SWAT Team for Available for Hire

Nov 17, 2004 – Top Layer Networks (, a provider of globally proven high performance intrusion prevention solutions has signed a unique deal with mnet Internet (mnet), one of the UK’s fastest growing corporate only ISP and co-location companies, to deliver an on-call Doomsday DDoS Disaster Recovery Service to customers experiencing brute force DoS and DDoS attacks. Under the scheme, customers will be able to call on a “DDoS SWAT team’ 24 hours a day to come and physically install a Top Layer Attack Mitigator IPS 5500, within an hour of logging the call. Attack Mitigators are being kept at a number of strategic locations around the City of London and Southeast ready for the rapid installation into customer sites and co-location centres.

Top Layer’s Attack Mitigatorâ„? IPS is a family of high performance, ASIC-based intrusion prevention solutions with intelligent blocking and control against the most prevalent cyber attacks. Hybrid attacks such as HTTP worms, DoS / DDoS attacks, protocol and traffic anomalies, IP spoofing, SYN flood attacks, and more, are accurately detected, and stopped in real-time. Top Layer has been at the forefront of DoS attacks for the last year as hackers around the world have begun to target Internet dependent businesses including on-line gaming and on-line payment processing services.

Fenton Bard, Business Development Manager at mnet says, “We see this is an innovative way of protecting our customers from the threat of cynical hackers. In many ways it is another option to our disaster recovery offering – but instead of a power generator, we are delivering a very robust, high performing intrusion prevention and anti-DDoS product and team that is proven to stop attacks in real-time.”

Paul Lawrence, General Manager EMEA and Asia at Top Layer said, “The Doomsday scenario has hit many unsuspecting clients this last 18 months. One would be surprised at the number of times the IPS 5500 has been purchased over a mobile phone while the engineer was en route to the affected site. This service with mnet recognises the extreme and unique conditions some customers find themselves in; it provides them with an immediate solution to stop the attack while also introducing them to the power of high speed intrusion prevention, a message we have been trying to get across to the market for a long time now.”

DoS (Denial of Service) and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are becoming more frequent and less predictable as unscrupulous hackers and organised crime syndicates break out of the on-line gambling market, their normal target, and begin targeting different sectors. These clients have a number of things in common: they are Internet dependant operations usually completing high volume, low cost transactions to a critical time point – if the service is interrupted revenues are lost, not deferred. Recent research shows that these attacks have quadrupled over the last 6 months as companies rely on the Internet more and more to complete business critical functions.

Customers can sign-up to the service for a small monthly retainer followed by variable usage based tariffs if an attack takes place.

About Top Layer Networks, Inc.
Founded in 1997, Top Layer Networks ( develops network security solutions that enable enterprises worldwide to protect their infrastructure and critical online assets from cyber threats. The Company’s patented, ASIC-based products are engineered to deliver accurate and reliable protection mechanisms while operating as robust in-line network security devices. Top Layer Networks is headquartered in Westboro, Massachusetts with sales and support presence in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

About mnet
mnet Internet ( is one of the largest European resellers of Level 3 Communications the world’s largest IP only Tier-1 network provider and the World’s largest supplier of co-location space. mnet provide a wide range of services to the medium Enterprise and trade arena, such as Level 3 Internet access solutions, Co-location solutions and services, Managed Networks, Security, and additional ISP Services. In addition, mnet provides converged services such as voice and video over IP through partnerships with Avaya, Cisco and Tandberg. mnet is committed to providing tailored, managed solutions to each of its clients with complete network management and support options available up to 1 hour on-site 24 hours per day.

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