The New Panda GateDefender 8000 Series Protects Corporate Internet Connections With Powerful Web Filtering Technology

The Panda GateDefender 8000 Series, Panda Software’s new range of dedicated security devices that provide perimeter protection against Internet threats, incorporates a powerful web content filter module to offer protection for companies against malicious or time-wasting Internet material.

Access to inappropriate web content through corporate networks is becoming a problem of the first order. According to data from the IT security consultants Cobion, between 30 and 40 percent of Internet use in the workplace is not work-related, while 60 percent of employees with access to the Internet take advantage of the service for personal use. Another revealing statistic is that 70 percent of visits registered on porn sites take place during office hours. These figures highlight the need for control over Internet connections from networked workstations.

Such control could be implemented manually, but, especially in medium to large corporate networks, this is a complicated task. Although proxy servers could be used to restrict access to certain users, this is not the ideal solution as they cannot apply content filtering. The real answer therefore, is to use specific web content filtering devices, bearing in mind that if there are many network users, the optimum solution is an appliance dedicated specifically to this task, such as the new GateDefender 8000 Series.

The new Panda Software appliances can restrict access to content both automatically and manually, and when operating automatically, the GateDefender 8000 Series offers exceptional content filtering performance. These devices can analyze both text and image content, so that pages that deliberately use images only in order to slip past filters can be detected and blocked. The GateDefender 8000 Series does this by using Optical Character Recognition to analyze the text included in an image. The web content filter module also identifies faces, logos and pornographic images.

To make the automatic restriction system even more effective, the GateDefender 8000 Series includes the most extensive URL filter list in existence. It is also the most up-to-date list, as every day more than 100,000 new entries are made silently and automatically.

Manual restriction on the other hand allows administrators to define a ‘white list’ of sites that users can access without restrictions, as well as a black list including addresses that may not be accessed at any time. ‘VIP’ users or groups can also be configured to allow them unrestricted Internet access.

Administrators can also define the action to take when a user tries to access a restricted site, with options ranging from simply blocking access to displaying a customizable warning page. Attempts to access restricted sites can be registered in a report.

The new Panda GateDefender 8000 Series gives administrators exhaustive control at all times over the system through a secure HTTPS management console. This means the appliance can be administered from any networked workstation with a web browser, offering detailed real-time reports on the content filtering. The contents of the reports can be customized and they can be exported for future consultation.

In addition to the exceptional network security levels against malicious web content, the GateDefender 8000 Series also provides a further series of advantages to companies. These include increased productivity, as employees are prevented from wasting time using the Internet for personal reasons. This in turn guarantees a rapid return on investment. Panda Software’s new dedicated security devices also help companies avoid the serious legal consequences of unknowingly having illicit or illegal Internet material stored on their servers. The GateDefender 8000 Series also provides technical benefits such as increased LAN capacity, or ease of use to prevent administrators from wasting valuable time setting up or maintaining the equipment.

About Panda GateDefender 8000 series

Panda GateDefender 8000 series is new range of dedicated security devices to combat viruses, junk mail and undesirable Web content, which scans the six most widely-used protocols (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and NNTP).

The new Panda GateDefender 8000 series is designed to “connect and forget”, so it can be installed (without resetting network traffic), configured and maintained quickly and simply from any workstation with an Internet connection.

These solutions are highly scalable, and can therefore adapt to the dynamic reality of any network. Thanks to an efficient load-balancing system, the new Panda GateDefender 8000 series adjusts scan capacity to the type of corporate traffic and communication.

Panda GateDefender 8000 series also includes 24h-365d Tech Support and 24h SOS virus, all backed by Panda Software’s solid experience as a leader in corporate security.

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About Panda Software

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