Airtight Networks Ships First Wi-Fi Firewall To Provide Comprehensive Protection Against Wireless Security Threats

SAN JOSE, CA, Nov. 30, 2004 – AirTight Networks today announced the availability of SpectraGuard 2.0, the first Wi-Fi firewall to accurately, reliably and automatically protect enterprise networks from wireless security threats. AirTight recently changed its name from Wibhu Technologies, and announced that it received $10.25 million in venture funding to support its sales and marketing efforts. Its patent-pending technology is the first to accurately and reliably detect and protect against Wi-Fi security threats, including rogue access points (APs), misconfigured APs, client mis-association (clients connecting to a neighbor’s Wi-Fi network), and ad-hoc networks (clients connecting to other clients on the network to create an unsecured Wi-Fi bridge). With SpectraGuard, enterprise users have the same level of network security that currently exists in wired networks.

Companies such as Ketera Technologies are using AirTight to ensure their Wi-Fi deployments are secure. “We required a wireless security solution to protect us from the threat of rogue AP’s and from client machines connecting to neighboring wireless networks, Ron Leedy, Director of Managed Services, Ketera. “SpectraGuard 2.0’s accurate auto-classification and reliable intrusion protection provides us with real air cover for both our wired and wireless network security.”

“Effective methods must be adopted to identify and shut off unauthorized wireless entry to enterprise networks,” said Howard Schmidt, former White House cybersecurity advisor. “AirTight’s RF mapping software provides companies with the ability to understand, manage and protect the true “RF perimeter” of their wireless network, and SpectraGuard’s auto-classification eliminates the false positive and false negative problem traditionally associated with Wi-Fi protection. The ability to deliver these benefits is a huge step forward in protecting networks against the rapidly increasing number wireless security threats.”

A recent Gartner Group report predicted that WLANs will be the largest security problem for enterprises through 2008, with 60 per cent of enterprises currently having some form of WLAN access. SpectraGuard, developed to address the challenges enterprises face in maintaining network security from new wireless threats, is built around the SpectraGuard Policy Management Server and uses sensors distributed throughout the enterprise for 24×7 radio frequency (RF) monitoring. Device locations are displayed on a floor plan and modeled by site-specific parameters such as RF propagation and Wi-Fi equipment characteristics. SpectraGuard’s complete coverage ensures there are no wireless security “blind spots” within the enterprise, allows for redundancy planning and provides visual confirmation of wireless access points. Core SpectraGuard functionality includes:

” Accurate Threat Classification: SpectraGuard 2.0 instantly detects all RF activity within sensor range, then accurately and automatically classifies all Wi-Fi devices and events as either authorized, external or rogue. AirTight’s patent-pending auto-classification technology eliminates both false positives (i.e., spurious alerts and alarms caused by external neighboring activity) and false negatives (i.e., undetected intruders connecting to the trusted network).
” Reliable Intrusion Prevention: AirTight’s patent-pending intrusion prevention system instantaneously blocks rogue and misconfigured access points and automatically terminates insecure or unauthorized client connections. Unlike competing products that “flood the air” to deny access (bogging down internal WLAN performance and often shutting down neighbors’ Wi-Fi devices), SpectraGuard 2.0 utilizes the minimum amount of bandwidth and RF energy possible to surgically block rogue devices and other unauthorized activity.
” Precise Location Tracking: SpectraGuard 2.0 provides precise location tracking of all Wi-Fi devices and events. AirTight’s patent-pending technology enables enterprise users to pinpoint a rogue device or security event within a few meters and display it on a live RF map of the building or campus, facilitating immediate physical remediation of the security threat.
” Complete Security Coverage: AirTight is the first company to integrate a site-calibrated RF planning module into its solution. This enables enterprises to accurately determine the correct placement of sensors to eliminate coverage holes and dead spots within their “RF perimeter” while providing users with fine grain visual analysis and modeling tools to achieve the degree of Wi-Fi protection desired.

“As wireless LANs become the default network connection for so many mobile users, there’s an increasing emphasis on the security aspects of both the fixed and wireless components of an enterprise network,” said Craig J. Mathias, a Principal with the wireless and mobile advisory firm Farpoint Group. “AirTight’s SpectraGuard product has a great combination of features to address both of these elements, and will appeal equally to enterprises using wireless LANs as well as those simply seeking a greater level of security for their wired infrastructures.”

“AirTight’s goal is to enable enterprises to deploy WLANs that are as secure and reliable as their wireline counterparts,” said David C. King, AirTight Networks’ CEO. “With SpectraGuard, CIOs and CSOs gain control of their “enterprise air” and know that only authorized Wi-Fi users are connected to the trusted enterprise network.”

Pricing and Availability
SpectraGuard 2.0 consists of a Policy Management Server, available as either a rack-mount appliance or in a software-only version, and dual radio 802.11 a/b/g SpectraSensors with integrated POE (Power over Ethernet). Starter Kit pricing begins at $7,500 for the Policy Management Server software and two sensors. The product is available immediately from AirTight Networks and will soon be delivered through leading networking and security value added resellers.

About AirTight Networks
AirTight Networks (formerly known as Wibhu Technologies), provides the industry’s first true Wi-Fi Firewall. Delivering accurate auto classification of wireless access points, reliable intrusion prevention, precise auto location tracking, and comprehensive security monitoring, AirTight’s patent pending technology ensures enterprise networks remain secure from Wi-Fi threats. Founded in 2002, AirTight Networks is a privately held company based in Mountain View, California. For more information please visit

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