NetScaler Partners With Peoplesoft To Accelerate And Secure Peoplesoft Applications

London, UK, Dec. 1, 2004 – NetScaler, Inc., the global leader in application delivery systems, today announced that it has joined the PeopleSoft Partner Connection Program. NetScaler is firmly committed to collaborating with PeopleSoft to deliver the application acceleration and security benefits of its 9000 Series products to PeopleSoft environments and applications, including PeopleSoft Enterprise, PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne and PeopleSoft World. The NetScaler 9000 Series products enable joint customers to maximize their investment in the PeopleSoft environment by significantly enhancing application performance and providing end-to-end security.

“Performance and benchmark tests of the NetScaler application delivery system in PeopleSoft labs indicated that NetScaler can help customers enhance performance, particularly in WAN environments,” said Roy Satterwaite, vice president of marketing, PeopleSoft Tools & Technology.

The NetScaler 9000 Series is a unified platform for application delivery that can be deployed seamlessly within PeopleSoft environments. The 9000 Series combines application-layer traffic management to ensure high availability and performance, AppCompress on-the-fly compression for accelerated response times along with reduced bandwidth costs, AppCache in-memory caching for optimizing delivery of dynamic application data and robust attack protection to help prevent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks from burdening servers. NetScaler’s AppCompress compresses both Web and non-Web based applications for application acceleration benefits.

“Business requirements are demanding that our IT customers provide mission-critical applications to a broader set of users, including partners, customers and employees who may be located across the country or around the world. Delivering highly responsive applications while providing strong application security is one of the biggest challenges in the data center today,” said Raj Kanaya, vice president of product strategy and alliances, NetScaler. “Some joint customers using the NetScaler 9000 Series systems have reported response time improvements up to 40 to 60 percent for secure delivery of remotely accessed PeopleSoft applications. In addition to new application acceleration levels, they are benefiting from lower management costs resulting from a streamlined infrastructure.” NetScaler 9000 Series application delivery systems provide industry-leading optimization, Layer 4-7 switching, application security and SSL VPN capabilities to ensure that applications are continuously available, performing optimally and protected from application-layer attacks.

About NetScaler

NetScaler provides networking systems that enable the fast and secure delivery of applications by integrating a unique suite of optimization, security and switching capabilities. NetScaler’s 9000 Series application delivery systems provide improved application performance and hardened security for many of the world’s largest enterprises, content providers and e-commerce vendors, while greatly reducing total cost of ownership.

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