Panda Software Releases The Beta Versions of its New Corporate Products with TruPrevent Technologies

Panda Software has announced the availability of the beta versions of its new range of products for protecting corporate environments BusinesSecure with TruPrevent Technologies, EnterpriSecure with TruPrevent Technologies and TruPrevent Corporate. The new Panda Software solutions are designed to protect the IT resources of any size of organization from all types of malware, including unknown threats, thanks to TruPrevent Technologies, the most intelligent technologies to combat unknown viruses and intruders. These versions are available from (by clicking at Panda AdminSecure and Panda TruPrevent Corporate).

Facing a new generation of computer threats that are able to spread at high speed and use a range of techniques including exploiting software vulnerabilities, viruses like Sasser, Mydoom or SQLSlammer have spread so rapidly that they render useless the efforts of network administrators to prevent them. As a result, in recent months, the networks of thousands of companies across the globe have been infected by viruses.

This all means that traditional antivirus programs, which need to be updated to perform their job effectively, are not enough to protect corporate computer systems from the threats mentioned above. Preventive solutions are also needed to preempt the problem and prevent attacks from unknown viruses and intruders. Panda Software has been working on this problem for several years, and the result is the launch of the new TruPrevent Technologies.

TruPrevent Technologies work just like a good detective by analyzing suspicious behavior in programs and automatically blocking them intelligently without the need for human intervention and without having to ask users any questions. This characteristic also represents a bonus for administrators as it simplifies network management tasks.

New corporate solutions from Panda Software

BusinesSecure with TruPrevent Technologies and EnterpriSecure with TruPrevent Technologies use the most advanced technologies to protect computers against all kinds of Internet threats. They also include the new TruPrevent Technologies. TruPrevent Corporate is a solution designed for users with any manufacturers’, other than Panda Software, antivirus products installed who want a second line of defense like that provided by the TruPrevent Technologies, making it the essential complement to any antivirus protection.

To protect workstations, Panda’s new corporate solutions include ClientShield which not only has TruPrevent Technologies, but also defends against all types of known malicious code. And in addition to the latest antivirus technology, this solution, blocks spam and protects against hackers, spyware, dialers, hoaxes, jokes…

The solutions also include FileSecure with TruPrevent Technologies to protect Windows file servers, from NT 4 to the latest Windows Server 2003, regardless of the configuration and including clusters. FileSecure with TruPrevent Technologies also protects Novell NetWare servers versions 4, 5 and 6.

Panda Software’s new corporate protection solutions also include CommandlineSecure, a system for detecting and eliminating viruses – based on a command line- and which allows the effectiveness of Panda’s antivirus engine to be incorporated in third-party applications, both in DOS and Windows 32-bit environment and in many Linux distributions.

BusinesSecure Exchange with TruPrevent Technologies and EnterpriSecure with TruPrevent Technologies incorporate ExchangeSecure, a protection module designed to integrate seamlessly with all versions of Exchange, offering anti-spam and antivirus protection.

EnterpriSecure with TruPrevent Technologies also includes other protection modules:

– DominoSecure, which uses the latest antivirus technologies to protect IBM’s Lotus Notes and Domino workgroup solutions.
– SendmailSecure, QmailSecure and PostfixSecure, to protect the most widely distributed Linux SMTP mail gateways.
– MIMEsweeperSecure, for MIMEsweeper.
– CVPSecure, for Check Point FireWall NG and other CVP firewalls.
– ProxySecure, for Microsoft Proxy 2.0.
– ISASecure, providing antivirus protection to Microsoft ISA servers.
– SambaSecure, to protect the file servers mostly used in mixed Windows-Linux environments,

TruPrevent Corporate is aimed at all users with antivirus products developed by any company other than Panda Software, as it is compatible with the most widely used products on the market. For this reason, users don’t need to change their antivirus to benefit from the protection afforded by TruPrevent Technologies against unknown threats, network viruses and intruders.

TruPrevent Corporate is the perfect solution to reinforce network security, acting as a second layer of protection to prevent attacks, unidentified by the company’s antivirus, from spreading. TruPrevent Corporate protects computers transparently with minimal use of system resources. To keep the up-to-date with the latest intrusion technologies and increase its efficiency, TruPrevent Corporate automatically updates its rules and detection patterns when the computer connects to the Internet, without requiring user intervention.

Panda Software’s corporate solutions also include AdminSecure, the tool developed for remotely administering all tasks related to the company’s security products from a centralized point. With AdminSecure, installation, configuration, updates or maintenance of the protection against unknown viruses and intruders is both secure and straightforward in both WANs and LANs.

Even though the intelligent protection offered by TruPrevent Technologies’ behavior analysis techniques and deep packet inspection is configured automatically from Panda Software’s servers, AdminSecure allows administrators to set new rules and monitor secure access to network resources by third parties or people outside the company.

TruPrevent Technologies in the new range of Panda Software products

The combination of traditional security systems and antivirus protection with the new TruPrevent Technologies, a prevention system against intruders for host (HIPS), has created a new benchmark in levels of security against the increasing number of Internet threats, including unknown viruses and intruders. In this way, Panda Software’s new corporate products with TruPrevent Technologies combine new and exceptional anti-malware features with the ability to detect and eliminate unknown viruses and intruders in networked workstations.

TruPrevent Technologies go way beyond the capabilities of traditional antivirus heuristic scanning. This technique can detect some new viruses by applying simple comparative rules to the static code of the scanned files. TruPrevent Technologies however, not only block network viruses as soon as they reach a computer, they also include a module for intelligently analyzing the behavior of processes or programs as they run. This means that detection is not based on signs of infection, but on the correlation of a series of actions made by the process from when it first starts to execute in memory. This provides greater reliability, as well as the capacity for the technologies to take decisions automatically.

So once a process has been classified as dangerous to the integrity of the system, TruPrevent Technologies can, for example, prevent the process from communicating externally or stop it from executing, therefore preventing the virus from spreading.

The new Panda Software corporate products include the following TruPrevent Technologies:

– Behavior-based malware detection.
– Malicious network packet detector.
– Buffer overflow protection.
– Security policy definition.

The preventive protection offered by TruPrevent Technologies is complemented by a system for removing the residual effects of unknown attacks and infections. Computers that have been hit by any kind of virus, worm or intruder can be restored to their status prior to the attack, preventing changes to file names, new registry entries, etc. More information about the new TruPrevent Technologies is available from the Panda Software website at

About Panda Software

Panda Software is one of the world’s leading developers of IT security solutions, with offices in more than 50 countries. It is an established pacesetter for the sector in innovation and expansion and is unequalled in terms of satisfying customers’ needs for the most advanced technologies, products and services to keep IT resources free from viruses and other threats at the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership. The company’s unique TruPrevent Technologies, the most intelligent technologies to combat unknown viruses and intruders, offer unrivalled preventive protection for all types of clients: from the largest corporations through small and medium-sized companies to home users.

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