enKoo Named Top Vendor of Choice in StrateCast Latest SME Remote Access Report – Company Applauded for SSL VPN Features, Ease of Use and Affordability

enKoo’s Secure Remote Access product has been named top vendor of choice for SSL VPN products designed for the SME market based on features, ease of use and price. FREMONT, CA (PRWEB) December 8, 2004 — enKoo, simplifying secure remote access solutions for small to medium size businesses, announced today that enKoo has been named top vendor of choice for SMEs needing a SSL VPN remote access solution in Stratecast Partners’ latest SME Remote Access Solutions Sector Assessment report. Stratecast Partners provides a critical examination of the expanding remote access solutions targeted for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are gaining market legitimacy. The report assesses VPN gateway solutions vendors against three key attributes of a competitive remote access solutions targeting SMEs: price, simplicity and functionality.

“enKoo’s SSL VPN solution is a great fit for small to medium-sized enterprises,” states Michael Suby, Senior Research Analyst with Stratecast Partners (a Division of Frost & Sullivan). “A combination of features, ease of use, and affordability places enKoo as our top vendor of choice for SMEs seeking a SSL VPN remote access solution.”

With products targeting the more budget SMEs and larger enterprises that want to experiment with the SSL VPN technology in general before making a vendor choice, coupled with its remote control feature, enKoo was applauded for addressing a market opportunity that established players have at this point avoided. enKoo was also praised for its affordable purchase price, ease of use and features. As discussed in the report, none of the established SSL VPN vendors have been able to deliver an SSL VPN solution that meets the same functionality and price as enKoo.

The starting price for enKoo-1000 is $995 for 5 concurrent user-license and ends at $2,795 for 25 users. The enKoo-2000 starts at $1,595 for 5 users and ends at $5,995 for 100 users. The enKoo-3000 starts at $3,995 for 25 users and ends at $9,995 for 2000 users.

“We are extremely pleased to see the positive response to our remote access solution from SMEs and as well as the rapid growth we are experiencing in the channel,” said Ajit Deora, president of enKoo. “We listen to what the market demands and are able to deliver exactly what SMEs need to access their business-critical email, files and applications and maintain productivity remotely anywhere. enKoo also has more than 50 channel partners specializing in the SME market, making it easier for SMEs to gain access to our remote access product.”

Web-Based Secure Remote Access for SMEs
enKoo provides SMEs with a single solution for their employees and business partners remote access needs. Using a standard web browser on any PC or laptop, enKoo users can access files, email and all types of applications (desktop, client/server and web-based) on their PC and company servers from anywhere. Designed to improve business efficiency, enKoo’s clientless SSL VPN solution is built from the ground up for SMEs, making it easy for IT professionals to quickly, securely and affordably deploy and manage a remote access solution.

Elements of simplicity include:
·Upgradeable: enKoo-1000 from 5 to 25 concurrent users; enKoo-2000 from 5 to 100; and enKoo-3000 from 25 to 200.
·Centralized and remote administration and mouse click software updates.
·Combined platform for SSL VPN and remote desktop functionality.
·Integrates with existing Active Directory and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

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About Stratecast Partners
Stratecast Partners, a division of Frost & Sullivan, provides an access-intensive and industry expertise based strategic intelligence solution through which it helps clients achieve their specific objectives. Stratecast delivers actionable insight to its clients on the following communications industry fronts: competitive service providers; Tier 1 service providers; new and competitive service types/opportunities; OSS; public network infrastructure convergence; and, enterprise networking trends/opportunities.

About enKoo
enKoo simplifies secure remote access solutions for today’s small to medium size businesses. Unlike traditional remote access products, enKoo was architected for the corporate environment to support both desktop and laptop users. enKoo’s solution eliminates the need for individual PC and network configuration, extensive training and costly deployment. Now, for the first time IT professionals have a centralized management tool to monitor remote activity and prevent network vulnerabilities.

Deploying enKoo’s client-less remote access appliance, IT professionals can quickly and securely provide employees and third parties global access from any web browser to email, applications and files located on their PC or corporate server. The product’s easy-to-use web interface allows end-users to Beam to their office computer remotely, gain full access to their business-critical data and as a result increase productivity. enKoo is located in the Silicon Valley and offers its products through solutions providers. To become an enKoo partner go to http://www.enkoo.com/partner.htm. For more information on enKoo and its products go to www.enkoo.com.

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