Sygate Tops Cisco, McAfee And Zone Labs in Independent Tests Of Endpoint Security Solutions

FREMONT, CA, December 7, 2004 – Sygate Technologies, the market-leading endpoint security provider for the enterprise, announced today it has bested three competitors in head-to-head competition conducted by the independent testing company KeyLabs Inc. Sygate’s flagship product, Sygate Secure Enterprise 4.0 (SSE) was found to be superior across the board in three categories against Cisco, Zone Labs and McAfee.

In a series of reports released today, KeyLabs’ tests revealed that Sygate was superior in features, management and policy enforcement compared to the following companies and products: CiscoWorks using Cisco Security Agent (CSA) and Cisco Trust Agent (CTA) with the Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS); McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.0i with ePolicy Orchestrator; McAfee Desktop Firewall with ePolicy Orchestrator; and Zone Labs Integrity.

The overall testing results were as follows:

Among conclusions reached by KeyLabs were that Sygate’s security engine “provided significantly better protection than the Cisco Security Agent-¦offered more capabilities than Cisco Works and the Cisco Security Agent management console-¦and Sygate has a more robust endpoint security solution [than Cisco].”

KeyLabs further stated that, “Zone Labs lacked the intrusion prevention capabilities and relies solely on their firewall and application control to block exploits.” It added, “McAfee does not have a true policy enforcement solution because they cannot block endpoints from connecting to the network based on the security of the endpoint.”

“This objective testing process conducted by KeyLabs confirms that Sygate’s SSE 4.0 provides a complete solution that sets the bar for endpoint security and provides an architecture that truly enables continuous compliance with corporate security policies,” said John De Santis, CEO, Sygate. “Customers tell us our solution is highly deployable and delivers a unprecedented level of protection while automating security best practices and compliance. Our product is the only one to offer the comprehensive protection required by today’s Internet-based infrastructures.”

SSE 4.0 combines a sophisticated security agent running on each client, one or more policy management servers distributed across the enterprise and enforcement on servers in the network and on endpoints. Specifically designed to meet the needs of global organizations, SSE 4.0 allows for large-scale, rapid deployments and ensures that only computing devices with up-to-date anti-virus, firewall, intrusion detection, software patches and correct configurations can gain access to corporate data. In addition, SSE 4.0 ensures that only approved software applications can run in a Sygate-secured environment.

To view the reports, please visit the following sites:


McAfee 8.0:

McAfee 8.0i:

Zone Labs Integrity:

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About Sygate Technologies, Inc.

Sygate is the market leader of endpoint security solutions for the large enterprise. Using Sygate’s solutions for Continuous Compliance â„?, the world’s largest organizations protect their networks, enforce business policies, and automate security practices to regain control of network security, reduce costs, and ensure compliance across the organization. Partnerships with industry leaders including Alcatel, Aventail, Enterasys, Extreme Networks, Hewlett Packard, iPass, Juniper Networks, Microsoft and Nortel enable Sygate’s technology to operate seamlessly across multiple platforms and applications. Sygate Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Fremont, California. For more information, please visit or call (866) 308-8899.

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