Can You Name the Top Ten Internet Frauds?

ReconnectWarning has an effective solution to International modem dialing, one of the top ten Internet frauds. This scam can be eliminated if Internet users become more aware of it. Don’t be satisfied that your computer security systems will provide protection until you can name the top ten Internet frauds.

(PRWEB) December 10, 2004 — International modem dialing is the only top ten Internet fraud that can be easily eliminated, but Internet users must become aware of it and actively do something to protect themselves against it. However, many users are complacent, trusting their present anti-virus, firewall and anti-spyware measures. The sites perpetrating this fraud depend on this trait to relieve victims of their money.

International modem dialing has other names, such as redialing and modem hijacking, but the method is the same. A redialer is downloaded with or without the user’s consent or knowledge, disconnects the computer, with or without the modem making a noise, and reconnects the computer to a server in another country. This reconnection carries premium phone charges, in a few cases reaching $1000 or more. The sources of these redialers are adult sites, game sites and music download sites, and some recent news from the U.K. suggests that E-mail is being used to deliver the redialer.

One solution to this practice is to intercept the redialer’s attempt to dial out. ReconnectWarning does this. A few other software makers provide programs to guard against this, but ReconnectWarning’s price is low and we don’t have other features that are unnecessary and difficult to set up. Our program only has one setting for each authorized connection: the insertion of the phone number in a settings box. We keep the price low because we would like to eradicate this fraud, but we need help from computer users. You would being doing us a favor as well as yourself if you visit to further look into this fraud. We would appreciate it if you told family and friends about this fraud and the software solution, because every user who is made aware of the problem and solution will be an addition in the effort to stop the fraud.

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