OnlyMyEmail Captures the Anti-Spam “Holy Grail”

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) December 14, 2004 — has achieved a long sought mile-stone in anti-spam accuracy. For the first time, OnlyMyEmail clients protected from spam, viruses, and phishing emails (identity theft frauds) were spared from 99.73% of unwanted messages with a critical-false-positive rate (CFP) of less than 1 per Million emails.

Blocking in excess of 99.5% of spam with a false-positive-rate of less than 1 per Million has long been the “Holy Grail” within anti-spam circles and also a primary business performance objective for OnlyMyEmail.

Steven P. Burkett, Vice President of Development at OnlyMyEmail explains that “There are countless anti-spam solutions that can block 90% of junk email, but beyond that usually requires substantial system training for the end-user and inevitably results in an unacceptable CFP rate. After two years, we’ve finally delivered on our goal of above 99.5% blocking yet with less than 1 CFP per Million.”

Users such as Hal Borns, Owner, Virtual Virgin Islands, Inc, Web Site Design, ( estimates that his company saves “1-2 hours per day” and says the OnlyMyEmail system delivers “my real emails of under 20 per day from about 800 junk emails that come in.”

“At this point, the OnlyMyEmail system is more accurate than the human who is receiving the email” says Burkett. In fact, he adds: “Our users often mistake some of the more sophisticated spam, viruses and phishing messages that we block as false-positives, when in fact they’re not.” He adds: “We often have to contact users to warn them that the email they thought was a false-positive really was a fraudulent email attempting to trick them into divulging personal and financial information.”

OnlyMyEmail has relentlessly focused on reducing the CFP rate because false-positives are the number one concern for corporate clients and business users when they evaluate anti-spam solutions. blocks nearly 900 emails a day for Doug Towes, Director of Web Development, RNC Internet Services, ( who says: “I have learned to have complete confidence in their spam blocking and I no longer bother to check to see if a legitimate email has been blocked.”

Such accuracy and reliability is particularly important to Internet Service Providers who must deal with any customer fallout that occurs when good email is accidentally deleted. Wayne Bibbens, President of Bibbens Communications Internet, Inc. ( says: “Most weeks there are no blocks that are reported by any of our Internet customers.”

Shellie Mathe, Co-Owner, MatheTeam, Inc, Real Estate Company, (, clearly recognizes that accuracy is most important criteria for selecting an anti-spam solution. She states: “Before using OnlyMyEmail I would spend an hour and sometimes two trying to pick the valid message out of the spam. On a number of occasions important e-mail never reached me because it got lost in the mess. Missed e-mail means missed business or a customer that doesn’t get the attention they need.”

Pleased with OnlyMyEmail’s results and insistent that further gains can be made, Burkett adds: “We’re confident that we have the most accurate anti-spam solution on the market, and are intent on keeping our position as such.”

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