Aladdin eSafe Attacks Spyware at the Enterprise Gateway With Real-Time Inspection

CHICAGO, December 14, 2004 – Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ: ALDN) today announced that Aladdin eSafe, a gateway-based, integrated proactive content security solution, now also offers organizations more powerful protection against the fast-growing spyware epidemic.

Spyware intrudes on organizations by tracking browser activity, eavesdropping using keystroke logs and stealing information such as passwords, documents and email addresses. Research firm IDC ranks spyware as the fourth-greatest threat to network security, well ahead of spam and even cyber-terrorism. Spyware is also a growing IT helpdesk concern responsible for numerous calls about mysterious computing symptoms, from a sluggish PC to complete inability to work due to intolerable spyware advertisements and Web page interruptions. To combat this dangerous threat, Aladdin eSafe now offers its customers upgraded spyware protection technology as part of its existing six layers of comprehensive content security. New, four-layer anti-spyware technology within Aladdin eSafe includes:

Spyware download blocking – Spyware exploits’ automatic downloads are proactively blocked. eSafe also limits access to spyware download servers through URL blocking.
Spyware ID blocking – The ability to identify spyware by its unique installation identifiers and other parameters, also effective against other malicious mobile code. This allows the creation of white and black lists of objects.
Spyware signature blocking – Regular signatures along with heuristics-based smart signatures block most spyware. This fights spyware worms traveling by email or downloaded from Web and FTP sites.
Spyware communications blocking – Aladdin eSafe’s unique AppliFilterâ„? technology prevents existing spyware from communicating with their server, rendering spyware useless to the vendor. This also allows administrators to easily identify infected machines and recognize spyware communications on any port.

When new spyware is discovered, eSafe signatures and spyware attack parameters are automatically updated by the Aladdin eSafe CSRT (Content Security Response Team). Automatic updates include spyware and malicious code signatures, spyware and malicious code proactive heuristics definitions, spyware and legitimate ID definitions and AppliFilterâ„? real-time spyware protocol definitions.

“No one likes to be watched without knowing it, especially large organizations. Aladdin eSafe’s newest spyware protection gives IT administrators the ability to easily and consistently block one of the Internet’s fastest growing threats,” said Shimon Gruper, vice president of technologies for the Aladdin eSafe Business Unit. “Combined with eSafe’s six comprehensive content security layers, our spyware protection provides unparalleled defenses against malicious code and the loss of valuable intellectual property.”

Download Aladdin’s new whitepaper, “The Spyware Epidemic: Dealing with ‘Legal’ Malicious Code” at No registration required.

About Aladdin eSafe
The Aladdin eSafe solution features high-performance, proactive content inspection that stops threats and increases employee productivity while reducing the load on corporate bandwidth. eSafe received Software Development Magazine’s 2004 Productivity Award and was picked as PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice in 2002 and as “Best Product of 2002 (Networking Category).” The eSafe product suite includes eSafe Gateway, eSafe Mail, as well as an Advanced Anti-Spam Module and new application filtering technology known as AppliFilterâ„?. For more information on eSafe, visit

About Aladdin Knowledge Systems
Aladdin (NASDAQ: ALDN) is a leading innovator in digital security, providing solutions for Software Digital Rights Management and Enterprise security since 1985. Serving more than 30,000 customers worldwide, Aladdin products include the USB-based eTokenâ„? device for strong user authentication, password management and protection against identity theft; the eSafe® integrated content security solution that proactively protects networks against blended threats, including malicious, inappropriate and nonproductive Internet-borne content; and the HASP® family of hardware- and software-based products that flexibly protect, license and distribute software and intellectual property. Visit the Aladdin Web site at

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