Anti-Spyware Gives Consumers False Sense of Security

FL (PRWEB) December 16, 2004 — SpyCop today announced that computer users are receiving a false sense of security when deploying anti-spyware applications. With the recent explosion in online banking and transactions, the proliferation of identity theft is greater than ever. Many users purchase an anti-spyware solution with the expectation to be safe from identity theft and related crimes. Surveillance spy software is expensive to research and is constantly evolving thus Anti-spyware programs which claim to detect multiple privacy threats often fail at surveillance spy detection.

Advertiser software is software which monitors web activity to send targeted advertising and generally is not a security threat. Surveillance software is designed to silently record computer activity and then record it for later retrieval, or stealthily send it back to the intruder, even bypassing firewalls. These programs include chat loggers, email recorders, commercial keyloggers, password recorders, and screenshot recorders. Surveillance software can be slipped into a user’s system via greeting card, email attachment, trojan or physical access to the PC.

It is important for users to purchase security solutions that are designed for a dedicated purpose to receive the highest degree of protection. “Computer users often come to us complaining that they have unwanted Internet activity on their systems.”, explains SpyCop Founder, Grey McKenzie. “They already have a firewall, virus scanner and anti-spyware package installed. A scan with SpyCop often leads to the detection of a surveillance program planted by an X-spouse or identity thief. “People must realize that most spyware scanners are adware scanners with a few keyloggers thrown in as an afterthought.” Adware may steal bandwidth, but surveillance software steals an identity.

About SpyCop
SpyCop, LLC is the first company in the security industry to develop software designed to protect the general public from so called “undetectable” surveillance spy software. SpyCop, LLC is a privately held company based in the State of Florida and has been providing the top surveillance spy detection solution since November 2000. The SpyCop® software for Microsoft Windows continues to be the leading dedicated surveillance scanner on the market.

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