Apreo Enforces Appropriate Use of Google Desktop Search to Reduce Security Risk of Data Exposure and Spyware Infection

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) December 15, 2004 — Who: Apreo, Inc., a leader in use filtering to enforce appropriate use, encourages enterprise network security administrators to prepare for the onslaught of Google Desktop Search (GDS) and MSN Toolbar Suite downloads, among other desktop search tools.

What: New search capabilities provided by GDS and other search tools offer substantial user benefits and will be downloaded by millions of enterprise employees over the next few months. However, GDS can create holes in network security – potentially leading to a spyware infection and the exposure of confidential data. GDS indexes cached web pages with secure data, which is particularly risky when the desktop is shared, as the sensitive information is available to the next user. Because the GDS index is not secure, it is vulnerable to spyware or other malware that could send the index to another site. Businesses have the power to manage the proliferation of GDS and its associated risks, by easily and quickly installing appropriate-use enforcement tools such as Workstation PolicyShield from Apreo.

Enterprises that choose to manage GDS can use Workstation PolicyShield to deny its installation on shared desktops while allowing use on approved single-user desktops. If an enterprise approves one desktop search tool for use, but not another, Workstation PolicyShield can enforce use of the authorized brand. It can also stop spyware associated with a search tool. Workstation PolicyShield is the first and only use-enforcement product that prevents the installation of an unauthorized program by stopping it from being written to a workstation so it never enters the computer. It also terminates and removes from the network existing copies of an unapproved application.

Workstation PolicyShield can also manage the use of the new, beta-stage MSN Toolbar Suite to minimize the risk associated with pre-production product. Visit https://www.apreo.com/download.asp for a full-function, free trial of Workstation PolicyShield.

Where: Networks across global enterprises are at risk of individual employee downloads of desktop search tools such as Google Desktop. Network administrators looking to ready themselves for better control of such applications should implement an appropriate-use program with a published use policy and automated enforcement.

When: At any time, any corporate network is at risk, since employees can easily download Google Desktop Search on their own, without the IT department’s knowledge. Especially at risk are networks with many shared computers, such as those in call centers, education environments, government, manufacturing, hospitals, etc.

Why: Networks cannot afford to gamble with potential security breaches that can lead to identity theft, loss of trade secrets, and/or compliance violations, especially in security-sensitive vertical markets such as healthcare, financial, manufacturing, etc. Workstation PolicyShield can enforce no-use or controlled use policies for desktop search tools or any other application, including P2P file-sharing programs, Instant Messaging applications, music, media, games, etc., and remove spyware associated with them. Workstation PolicyShield enforces appropriate use by providing enterprises with control over exactly which files are used, at what times, and by whom.

About Apreo
Founded in 1996, Apreo provides use-filtering solutions to enforce appropriate use of files and applications for endpoint security, regulatory compliance, systems management, productivity and IT efficiency. The company’s products have been installed in more than 1,800 sites worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies and over 25 government agencies. Apreo is headquartered in Orange County, CA. For more information, please visit www.apreo.com.

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