Make Your Computer Programs, Data Invisible to Everyone Except Yourself with MyInvisibleDisk

Infobahn ( has released MyInvisibleDisk as an easy-to-use computer security product using the most powerful encryption technologies without the need for the user to remember long and difficult passwords nor having to touch the keyboard at all. It also incorporate proprietary technologies to wipe clean all possible traces of MyInvisibleDisk usage and other prior activities on the computer.

(PRWEB) December 27, 2004 — MyInvisibleDisk uses an existing free space on your computer drives and create a vault-like container to store all your secret programs and data. It functions similarly to your C-drive on your computer. The real-time encryption technology used is based on the Advanced Encryption Standard with 256-bit keys, which was approved by the National Security Agency (U.S.A.) to protect U.S. government top-level secrets in June 2003. This is considerably stronger than the 112-bit Triple-Data Encryption Standard technology used by local banks and governmental agencies.

One of MyInvisibleDisk’s unique features is being immune against all hardware and software keystroke recorders which are the scourge of all password-based security systems. By adopting a keyboard-free approach, users can expect unrivaled security with a powerful, elegantly simple click-and-use interface.

MyInvisibleDisk also uses proprietary techniques to remove, safely and silently, all possible traces of encryption usage on the user’s computer including the computer’s page-file without any changes to the computer registry. It also has the unique ability to morph into a harmless-looking application tool in the absence of a genuine key or faced with a tampered key.

According to Bruce Schneier, a world-renown author, cryptography and computer security expert, “In the real world, key management is the hardest part of cryptography. Designing secure cryptographic algorithms and protocols isn’t easy, but you can rely on a large body of academic research. Keeping the keys secret is much harder”. MyInvisibleDisk is unique, being probably the only publicly available product to emphasize on its numerous key-management functionalities.

MyInvisibleDisk is currently available in two versions, Professional and Enterprise for computers using Windows XP. The Professional version is suitable for single-computer users; the Enterprise version can protect up to a maximum of eight computers with a single USB device. Companies can purchase different combinations of these two products.

MyInvisibleDisk prices starts at the special introductory offer of RM680 (US$179) per computer. Reseller and OEM enquiries are welcomed.

About Infobahn Sdn. Bhd.
We are an independent, specialty IT software developer with highly-experienced staff. Our key strengths are in designing customized systems involving cryptography and artificial intelligence for financial markets.

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