Norman passes ICSA Labs Antivirus test for Linux

Oslo, Norway, Tuesday, December 28, 2004 – Norman one of the world’s leading providers of proactive virus protection tools, announces that Norman Virus Control for Linux has passed the ICSA Labs Antivirus test.

The test has been performed by ICSA Labs Anti-Virus Product Testing Laboratory. By passing the test Norman has received ICSA Labs Anti-Virus Product Detection Certification for its antivirus solution for Linux.

ICSA Labs, a division of TruSecure Corporation, offers vendor-neutral testing and certification of security products. Norman has received ICSA certifications for various versions of Norman Virus Control (NVC) since 1999 (version 4.7x of NVC was the first Norman product presented for ICSA Labs).

ICSA Labs Product Certification Program provides assurance to the user community that antivirus products attaining the ICSA CERTIFIED rating reduce security risks caused by viruses and other malware consistent with a set of publicly vetted and industry-accepted criteria. As part of the ICSA certification program, products are tested periodically throughout the certification life cycle against the latest virus threats and vulnerabilities.

Norman is committed to deliver as secure products as possible to its customers and partners. Therefore vendor-neutral product tests are an important contribution to reduce security risks caused by viruses and other malware. Test performed by ICSA Labs and other similar institutes will also in the future be an important assortment for the quality of products and Norman will continue to perform such a activities.

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