Sp@mX Now Supports Powerful Anti-Phishing Capablility!

Arlington, VA (PRWEB) January 10, 2005 — “Phishing is a spammer sending an email to a victim, that is disguised to look like an email from a legitimate business that is requesting credit card information, PIN numbers, or other vital personal information.” stated Jeff Hendrickson, creator of Sp@mX. “Sp@mX will detect the embedded links in the body of the email message, trace the domain, and include the domain, along with the spammer’s information in an abuse complaint to the spammer’s ISP in addition to law enforcement. Sp@mX supports the ability of a user to CC law enforcement, or other agencies that might be interested in this illegal activity.”

Sp@mX enables everyone from end users to IT professionals working in complex networked environments to effectively reduce spam in their e-mail Inbox and on their network. Sp@mX works by automatically tracing the source of spam and reporting offenders to their respective Internet Service Providers. Sp@mX users typically see their spam levels drop to near zero within four weeks.

“My inbox was overrun with spam. At one point I think I received about 250 spam e-mails in a 12-hour period,” offers Thomas Wright, a broker with Believer’s Realty in Phoenix. “Since I installed and started using Sp@mX, I’m seeing real results. Last night at approximately 9:30 p.m., I had received less than ten spam e-mails and as of 7:15 this morning I have received ZERO… nada… none!”

Previously available only for Windows, Sp@mX is now also available for both Macintosh and Linux. This makes Sp@mX ideal for people who use one environment at work and another at home, for those who work in mixed computing environments, or for those who like to use software that is available for multiple platforms should their needs and interests change in the future.

Pricing and Availability
Sp@mX is available in both client and server editions. The client edition is priced at $19.95 US. The server edition is priced at $399.95 US. The product can be purchased directly from hsc at http://www.hendricom.com. Quantity discounts are available; please contact the company for details.

About Hendrickson Software Components
Founded in 1998, Hendrickson Software Components (hsc) offers a variety of software products and components, including Sp@mX, @ccede (e-mail compliance software) and packaged enterprise applications. hsc also offers custom software development and consulting services to help companies develop corporate-compliant, spam-free e-mail infrastructures. The company is based in Arlington,Virginia and can be contacted online at http://www.hendricom.com.

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