3WTel Remains a World Leader in VoIP Security as Vomit and Sniff Wreak Havoc

(PRWEB) January 18, 2005 — “Vomit”, a free download software, is designed to convert VoIP phone conversations into a wave file that can be played with standard sound players. Hackers appear to be interpeting this as a new toy.

“Sniff”, is the tool that enables hackers to use a laptop to tamper with the protocol and “sniff out” data that they can later sell to other unscrupulous criminal entities.

Most voice over IP telephone (VoIP) solutions use a standard, publicly available codec and protocol to transport voice conversations, making them vulnerable to decoding after a packet interception. Industry standard codecs such as G.711 and industry standard protocols such as RTP are open and interpretable.

One of the telecom giants, AT&T Wireless, after discovering potentially the most disturbing flaw in VoIP technology that enables hackers to inject words into a VoIP stream without the user ever noticing any foul play or manipulation, has recommended users install a multi-layered VoIP protection system. Kevin Kealey of AT&T, said third parties could inject “swear words into conversations and the speaker can’t even hear it.” Speaking at VoIP 2004 in the US, he described the really “scary thing” in a test where FBI messages could be fabricated without detection even when using hi-tech voice analysis.

Siemens has been informing hundreds of telecom and IT specialists the methods by which unprincipled hackers steal packets of voice data from converged and data networks, thus enabling them to eavesdrop on corporate calls. Craig Pollard of Siemans advised that “Voice must be protected like any other application”. He further stated that “Along with IT directors and telecom managers, a number of financial directors came to our road shows, which may not be surprising considering the damaging potential of VoIP threats if a network is not properly protected.” As growing numbers of companies and home users incorporate VoIP technology, vulnerability will proportionately become a lingering prevalent issue.

Attempting to stay ahead of the growing need for security, Cisco Systems has released a platform that delivers encryption support for voice over IP phones and other VoIP devices.

Recently, Gartner IT responded to Cisco’s release as a viable solution to protect against eavesdropping hackers and connection spoofing. However, it was acknowledged that while technological advancements for VoIP security are needed and most welcome, it may not be enough to energize business to adopt safer voice over IP telephony products. With Gartner IT predicting that 90% of all new corporate phone systems will be voice over IP-enabled by 2008, VoIP security will remain in the forefront.

Even in the midst of the storm, 3WTel’s superior VoIP service remains a step above and ahead of the crowd as it continues to provide every customer optimal security with its high end encryption codec on its own proprietary patented technology. Offering a 7 Day Free Line with no contract or obligations, 3WTel VoIP can be used on dial up, satellite, cable, and wireless connections. http://www.whypay4calls.com

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