BirdsEye Wizard Puts Magic into System Monitoring Setup

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) January 18, 2005 — Proteligent, Inc., a developer of “easy to use” system monitoring software, today announced BirdsEye 2.0. Birdseye takes the pain out of system monitoring by allowing the install, configuration, and use be as easy as 1-2-3: One, download the software. Two, let the BirdsEye Installation Wizard install the files. Three, let the BirdsEye Configuration Wizard help you do the configuration. Voila, up comes the intuitive dashboard — BirdsEye will run like an auto-pilot and lets you know if there are any potential problems with the monitored systems.

BirdsEye is a web based easy-to-use computer system-monitoring software that helps prevent system downtime. BirdsEye was developed from the ground up to support the IT infrastructure needs of small and medium sized businesses (SMB) and address a growing concern over the high cost of system and network downtime. BirdsEye monitors up to seventeen vital-signs of any system, which include internal and remote network applications, system logs, network connectivity, as well as hard disk, memory and CPU usage. Color-coded “traffic-light” alerts indicate problems at a glance, allowing system administrators to intervene early and prevent system downtime.

“We were able to install and configure BirdsEye in less than fifteen minutes, it is so easy it’s child’s play,” says Elcio Santos, Controller of American Predator, a mid-size industrial PC manufacturer in Morgan Hill, CA. “We let BirdsEye take care of the IT infrastructure so that we can focus on business and growth.”

“Small businesses need a simple and affordable way of monitoring their servers, workstations and network devices,” said Nicole Mossinger, Director of Marketing, “our motto is make it simple, easy to use and offer BirdsEye at a competitive price that makes it a no-brainer for our customers.”

BirdsEye 2.0 offers the following features.

Installation Wizard: BirdsEye’s Installation Wizard takes users through a quick and simple installation process, and sets up monitoring of the local computer system.

Configuration Wizard: The BirdsEye Configuration Wizard guides users through five easy steps to configure BirdsEye: Step 1 automatically discovers and identifies all the systems on the local subnet, and allows the user to discover other systems by IP-Address range. Step 2 facilitates remote installation of the BirdsEye service on local Windows machines (manually on UNIX/LINUX machines). In Step 3, the user sets the monitoring of remote and local network applications, and Step 4 completes the notification setup.

Within minutes of installation, BirdsEye provides system administrators with valuable information about servers, workstations and network devices – even at remote locations.

Proactive Monitoring: Users can monitor up to 50* servers or workstations and unlimited network applications, through a simplified licensing scheme

Dashboard: The BirdsEye Dashboard displays all monitoring information in an eye-pleasing web browser format. With minimum clicks, users can drill down from a status overview of all systems to the details of one system, and historic data up to one year. With Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) installed, the Dashboard can be viewed from remote locations.

Kwik-Notification: Key personnel can be proactively notified by email, SMS text message or by viewing the Dashboard about potential system problems or failures. Trend-It – Provides simple historical view from 24 hours to one year about history of all the major parameters that are monitored.

Pricing and Availability
For a period of 60 days, the basic client-server configuration will be available for only $99 and thereafter at the list price of $499. This price includes the BirdsEye Windows server (which monitors Windows, Sun Solaris Unix and Red Hat Linux nodes), (Special offer code “up2tp”, offer ends Mar 18, 2005) See BirdsEye fly by viewing the online demonstration. BirdsEye is available for a free 30-day trial at the Proteligent website,

About Proteligent
Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Proteligent, Inc. is a developer of “pro-active and intelligent” Network and Systems Management (NSM) software to service the IT infrastructure support needs of Small and Medium sized Businesses.

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