The 10 Worst Internet Scams for 2005

Boone, NC (PRWEB) January 19, 2005 — 2004 was a very big year for Internet scams, but most experts agree that 2005 will be even bigger. Internet ScamBusters, one of the oldest and most comprehensive online clearinghouses for information about Internet scams, has created a ‘Top 10’ list of predictions for the biggest online threats you need to watch out for to stay safe in 2005.

“The list contains a couple of surprises, including #5, more personal and targeted attacks, and #7, new threats to mobile devices,” says Dr. Audri G. Lanford, Co-Editor of Internet ScamBusters. “In addition, #2 on the list are more sophisticated ‘phishing’ scams, a class of scams that did not even exist two years ago,” Dr. Lanford continued.

Identity theft tops the list, since it was the largest security issue in 2004, and it will most likely grow even faster in 2005.

Here is Internet ScamBusters’ Top 10 List of the Worst Internet Scams for 2005:

10. New job postings threats.
9. New, more ‘creative’ variants of the Nigerian scam.
8. Sale of vehicles on auction sites and elsewhere.
7. New threats to mobile devices.
6. New lottery scams.
5. More personal and targeted attacks.
4. New, more dangerous viruses, worms, and trojans.
3. New spyware threats.
2. More sophisticated phishing scams.
1. Bigger identity theft problems.

You can view the entire list of the 10 worst Internet scams for 2005, with details about each trend, here.

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