Email Systems Adopts Commtouch’s Global Best of Breed Technologies, Offering Market Leading Up-To-The-Minute Virus Protection To Millions Across The UK

Email Management specialist Email Systems has signed an international partnership to offer millions of its customers the global best of breed anti-spam and virus software from Commtouch, which has developed a unique and innovative approach to blocking emails that has secured more than 25million end users worldwide in just eighteen months.

Rather than evaluating each individual message, Commtouch’s email protection strategy is based on the most fundamental characteristic of all spam and virus distribution – its mass distribution over the Internet. Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) technology analyses large volumes of Internet traffic in real time, ensuring that new spam and malware outbreaks are identified as soon as they emerge, literally from the first seconds of an outbreak, protecting users immediately.

Traditional detection methods – such as bayesian filtering and even heuristic scanning – rely upon various analytical and reactive means of detecting potential threats. For example, in the case of the recent Bagle virus outbreak in October and November 2004, a leading email management service provider took five and a half hours and a leading anti-virus software developer a full nine hours before offering solutions to protect customers from the threat, whereas Commtouch’s customers were protected throughout.

Email Systems, which provides online email management services such as archiving, image scanning and encryption modules in addition to anti-spam and virus, will offer this new technology across its corporate, consumer and ISP customer bases, effective immediately and at no additional cost to existing customers. Combined with Email Systems’ existing spam technology, the new service will offer an average of 99% spam blocking with less than 1 in 200,000 emails incorrectly identified as spam, (or “false positives’).

Key Email Systems clients that will immediately benefit include Equinox Converged Solutions, the company responsible for the London Grid for Learning for whom Email Systems filters the email of over 1.1 million children across London and also Fujitsu, for whom Email Systems scan email for the East Midlands Broadband Consortium. Also, the improvement will affect all 1,300 end users at The Ajilon Group, which comprises brands such as Office Angels, Computer People, OAexec, Jonathan Wren, Roevin and Ajilon Consulting amongst others.

Said Neil Hammerton, Managing Director of Email Systems:

“According to leading international technology analyst IDC, the RPD approach detects and blocks spam in the first few minutes of an outbreak, unlike other anti-spam approaches. Although our previous record of spam detection was actually almost 99%, this partnership further bolsters our service offering, ensuring our customers have peace of mind with the knowledge that they are protected by the absolute best of what’s available, particularly against viruses which are becoming increasingly invasive with each outbreak.”

Oren Drori, Director of Product Marketing at Commtouch, added

“As the only real time anti spam technology in the market, we are confident that Commtouch is the best product available in this sector as it provides cover for the critical time period when traditional scanning methods lag behind our solution, which can be the difference between email running normally and a total breakdown of service. Email Systems online managed ASP approach, which allows them to take the strain off their client’s shoulders regarding spam and viruses, represents an ideal fit for our product. With malware developing into various new areas – such as phishing and increasingly sophisticated online fraud for example – it’s more important than ever for every user of email to be protected from these threats.”

For more information on Email Systems, visit or call 0870 141 7070. About Email Systems:

With the ever-increasing threat of email borne attacks, the issue of managing the flow of electronic information, ensuring protection with as little hands-on administration as possible, is more vital to business effectiveness than ever before.

Email Systems offers a comprehensive range of email management and protection services, available either individually or as a modular package for Enterprise, Home and ISP customers. Email Systems’ solutions is entirely web-based, ensuring that clients do not need to download or manage software on their PC or server, offering complete peace of mind with no effort required. With best-of-breed anti-Spam solutions capturing more than 98% of Spam to customers’ inboxes and anti-Virus engines that detect and quarantine 100% of known viruses, Email Systems offers customers flexibility to manage the flow of incoming and outgoing email from a simple web based interface, also setting up rules as required. Email Systems is proud to enjoy a 100% client retention record in its three years of business. For more information, contact or call 0870 141 7070.

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